Anastasia Kristensen (Copenhagen)

Russian-born Anastasia Kristensen started her journey in electronic music when she moved to Copenhagen in her teens. We discovered her supreme prowess when she played at Klubb Revolt in Malmö in April 2016. Yes, we were mind-blown, we were star struck, and we were in love. In this exclusive interview, she will show us some of her favourite tracks and talk to us about her music influences, inspiration, and what we can expect from her divine sounds in the near future.


Track list:
Motohiro Kawashima - Moon (Bare Knuckle 3)
LA4-A - Transmitter (Delft)
VVV - SICK USA (Blast First)
Dreams- Unreleased
Milton Bradley - Tragedy of Truth (Do Not Resist The Beat)
Fetnat - Devol (Upcoming on Nous)
CTRLS - Unreleased
Aphex Twin - Quixote (Warp)
Prototype909/bpmf - Walkie Talkie (Unreleased)
Rayme - Fly to me (Unreleased)
Funeral Future - Untitled (Unreleased)
Tackle - Benzedrine (Another Dark Age)
Kirn/Nerk - Litany Of Lies (Unreleased)
Blawan - Passer By (Blueprint Records)
Pan Daijing - A Season In Hell (Unreleased)
Pan Sonic - Virta 1 (Blast First)