Gods VS Robots

By Phoenix Xiong

As I gazed upon the early morning sky, I felt an intense sense of calmness. The tranquility was mesmerizing. Times like these are when I feel most connected to the Universe, because there is nothing like seeing yourself for what you really are. Many of us become disconnected from the stars in the sky because we concern ourselves with the ones we see dancing around on television. Furthermore, everyday life is robotic by design.

You wake up, get dressed for work, sit in traffic, get to work, perform your duties, have lunch, perform more duties, sit in traffic again on the way home, have dinner, catch up on the ‘news’ (which really should be called ‘olds’), get undressed, go to sleep, and repeat the process.

It is quite monotonous, but the system is so subtle that only a few (compared to billions) will detect it. These ‘few’ are the free spirits who do not follow clocks/calendars and traditions. Many of them have lost the desire of silly traditions and abhor superstitions and belief systems.

Yes, I am one of THEM… And we are becoming GODS.

However, we are in a constant battle within ourselves and against others who refuse to unplug themselves from the matrix while they attempt to imprison us within their own miseries. They are the energy draining robots who have no power of their own because they are being controlled in so many different ways, but actually believe that they have power. Some subscribe to such ideals as an invisible force watching over and protecting them. Well, there IS an invisible force watching over them, but it does not protect them; it controls their every move as if they’re on a chessboard.

The most effective way to control a people is to not only suppress knowledge and hide the truth (or mix it with lies), but to ensure that they have no desire to search for knowledge on their own. You can manipulate their minds in such a way as if it were silly putty and they will adhere to any bullshit concocted story you feed them. Keep them so distracted that they remain busy doing nothing, and entertain them with puppet shows as if they are little children watching Sesame Street. When they become bored, give them toys to play with (they love devices which blink and beep and are obsessed with numbers). The moment they appear to being waking up, create as many diversions as possible to keep them asleep.

Mankind is the artificial intelligence for ‘gods’. Artificial intelligence is mankind’s desire to become gods. The hierarchy has changed dramatically over the past few decades.
At one point it was simply GOD | MAN.
Then it became GOD | MAN | ROBOT
As technology developed at an accelerated rate last century,
The end result is becoming clear;

Mankind is removing itself from the equation and splitting into two opposing factions. It is pretty much like two classic ‘sci-fi’ movies combined; The Terminator & The Matrix.

We live in a society which is composed of man versus machine versus the self-aware/conscious (gods).

How did this happen? Simple. We have developed so much technology that it has taken over our everyday lives because it is convenient for us to press a button and wait a few seconds for the desired results. The art of conversation has become lost in text messages, emails, and status updates on social media.

From my own experience, I have witnessed people who just cannot keep their faces out of their palms (giving a new meaning to the words ‘palm reader’) who can barely hold an intelligent conversation without becoming irritable. Instead of educating themselves (likely because of the prison we begin attending near age 5, which we call school), they allow themselves to become dumbed down by senseless programming. They want all the answers handed to them quickly without having to do any real research of their own. And things are about to become even crazier as the lonely human robots begin to replace real humans with artificial intelligence (e.g. Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Braina, etc.).

Allow me to clarify that not ALL people who use these systems are lonely; many of them simply appreciate the ‘cool factor’ and there is nothing wrong with that unless it begins to consume them.

Many of us (myself included) cannot go a day without communicating on technological devices. I will, however, occasionally pull myself away from the computer, ignore phone calls/text messages and reconnect myself with Nature and the Universe. It’s healthy, and very necessary. Man uses technology, but now technology is using man; almost in the same fashion as man uses ‘god’ as a way to explain our existence. Of course, many religious enthusiasts will swear that a man (god) is responsible for everything we see, as well as our own creation.

By now, you should see the connection I am making. Man created ‘god’ in order to keep the masses submissive and unintelligent. Instead of searching for the truth, they accept whatever has been fed to them as absolute without investigation. We come into this world oblivious to what we were once connected to and are taught what our parents were taught by their parents and so on. I was a victim of it as well—being told that ‘god’ created man.

Naturally, I asked the question ‘Who created him?’ As always, I received an answer which was pure, utter bullshit.

It took years for the veil to be lifted from my eyes as I began to notice that it was the other way around all along.

I broke free from the religious belief system when I noticed other noteworthy historical accounts regarding our origins. My interest was so piqued, I began questioning everything and refusing to trust one source of knowledge. Knowledge truly IS power, but as Albert Einstein once stated, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ When we rely solely on knowledge (especially abbreviated textbook knowledge) we leave ourselves susceptible to fabrications and mistranslations. That is exactly what the system is doing to the masses. It keeps them under control by hiding the truth in two ways: in plain sight or in obscurity.

Every weekend after the robotic routine of work/eat/sleep/repeat, there is a huge number of individuals who give their time and energy to ‘the invisible man upstairs,’ hoping that he will reward them for their efforts. I am thankful that I have opened my own eyes and seen things which the average mind could never comprehend.

Being a free spirit means that you are either searching for or already have found the energy which exists in all lifeforms. You disconnect yourself from traditions and superstitions and all fear dissolves because you understand how such energy operates. We ARE the Creators; Creators create, but will occasionally destroy by creating more.

Consider this, a few years ago, there was an episode of ‘Jeopardy’ when they featured the artificial intelligence known as ‘Watson’ to compete against two of the quiz show’s greatest contestants. On more than one occasion, the two humans would answer incorrectly, and then Watson would chime in with an identical response. This proves that artificial intelligence is the product of man, but natural intelligence is more advanced.

Robots can only function when they are programmed, but a god functions without orders. Question is, are you becoming a god, or a robot? The struggle between the two has already begun.

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