Is it possible that homophobes are actually homos in denial?

By: Phoenix Xiong

Humanity as a whole seems to have an obsession and an aversion to sexuality in general. The obsession is connected to our natural desire for physical pleasure, but the repulsion stems from either religious belief systems or individual morality.

While I agree with certain sexual acts being considered egregious, I feel that the people who take offense to sex in general are either lacking a sex life or are simply embarrassed by it. Mainstream media sensationalizes sexual misconduct (e.g. the Bill Cosby rape allegations, the Josh Duggar molestation allegations, Jared Fogle's child pornography charge, etc.) which clearly reveals how obsessed and outraged we are as a species over sexuality.

I have my own view about each case, but I do not wish to elaborate. What I would like to do is share my perspective on human sexuality so that people may better understand why the human mind operates the way it does when it comes to heterosexuality and homosexuality.

Heterosexuality is considered (mostly by heterosexuals) to be the 'correct' way to have sex. They uphold this argument by claiming it is natural because it is a means for reproduction. The problem with that is, the laws of nature are unwritten; nature does whatever the hell it wants to. So heterosexuality is no different from homosexuality outside of the gender of the individuals involved. Quite a few heterosexuals who have problems with individuals who participate in same sex activities have been subconsciously brainwashed by the abbreviated biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Supposedly, 'god' destroyed both cities for homosexuality/bestiality, but there are other written accounts which state that the story was much deeper than sexuality. They were corrupt people.

Certainly, reproduction does involve a male and a female, but if that is nature's way of sustaining our existence, how can we explain sterility and hermaphrodites?

Some men and women are destined to lack the capability of reproduction while some individuals are born with both, male and female productive organs. THAT is what nature does; there is no rhyme or reason—nor is there a law which explains why some people are born these ways. Unfortunately, they are labeled as 'freaks of nature,' but NATURE ITSELF IS A FREAK.

I cannot count how many times I have had discussions with men and women who swear that 'god' created us all to be exclusively with the opposite sex. My thoughts on this is, if that was absolutely true, we would multiply beyond earth's capacity. Our nature as humans has nothing to do with the nature of nature.

Consider this, when a tornado touches down in a village, does it determine where it is going to wreak havoc? No. It forms whenever and touches down wherever without warning. Nature is energy without a body. Our bodies carry a fraction of such energy. Whatever your sexual energy dictates is your desire is natural for you because in order to understand sexuality, you must understand the nature of the spirit. No one can convince me that our sexuality is less spiritual than physical. Of course the physical part is the main aspect most people connect with first. If you have had a sexual experience which was mind-blowing (and toe-curling), you reached a spiritual height with your partner. Sexual encounters which reveal the spirit of each individual simultaneously result in the best sex. If more people could see/do this, then there would not be so many unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and angry prudes running amuck.

In other words, sex is supposed to be just as much (if not, more) of a spiritual experience as it is physical. Otherwise, it becomes mechanical, robotic, and predictable. Who really enjoys having a human dildo/fleshlight/blow-up doll as a partner?

An interesting conversation with an acquaintance of mine revealed to me how twisted people get over homosexuality. He argued (in so many words) that homosexuals are mentally ill. Apparently, he was getting his information from a book which was likely published by a heterosexual in 1974. Heterosexuals are about as much experienced in homosexuality as homosexuals are with heterosexuality. The conversation ended on a sour note when I attacked his manhood by asking why he was so concerned about the sexual practices of others.

A genuine heterosexual does NOT concern himself with homosexuality, especially if he/she has a healthy sex life.

It is unnerving to see how people react to those who live alternative lifestyles. One name that will always be associated with a hate crime involving a homosexual is Matthew Shepard. For those boys to viciously attack this young man just because of his sexual preference puts their sexuality in question. Personally, I know from experience that some of THE most homophobic men happen to either be closet cases or willing to do anything for a little cash.

We are sexual beings. We do what we do with whomever we are attracted to, but the obsession and repulsion to sexual behavior continues to escalate, dividing humanity into opposing factions. The media will sensationalize any story which is sex-related in efforts to speed up the process. When world class athlete, Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn, the world of sports was mixed with shock/disbelief and encouraging support. The question is not what is wrong with Jenner, but what is wrong with the world around her.

*In conclusion, we need to be more understanding of the fact that many of us are still in our spiritual infancy. Because of this, there is chaos and confusion in the world of sex. Many of us must learn that sexuality is not purely for reproductive purposes, but spiritual and physical pleasure as well. Those who disagree, go get laid. If you can't get laid, make sure you have enough batteries or the proper tools—you need an orgasm.

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