Buddha Mag is the read that brings good shit back onto the Internet. Based in Malmö, Sweden, we've grown to become an international online magazine that promotes evolutionary ideas, love, equality and freedom.

We're not a religious magazine, though we're pretty spiritual sometimes. Here, you'll read some serious commentary about what we think of issues affecting the planet, find out about the creative projects that we've been doing, join us at the festivals and parties that we've gone to, and loads more. 

This is not Buzzfeed. So there's no bullshit, just plain honesty.

Sweden & Denmark


Kai Teo


Self-proclaimed hippie punk from Singapore, he often immerses his head in thoughts about unicorns, talking mushrooms and machine-gun wielding candles. Sometimes he has difficulties telling apart an orange and the moon.

He believes that only if he could explain the different colours to a blind person can he reach writer's nirvana. Occasionally, he also writes articles for The Ozorian Prophet and Little Finger.

“In today's world, the easiest way of fucking with society is to be nice.”



César Ortiz


Also known amongst us as the Godfather, César is a big time videographer who deals with photography on the side. His eye for filming is impeccable, and he loves looking at things from the weirdest angles. We once found him staring closely at a banana slice for five hours straight. 

He has worked with VICE and Way Creative Films in Sweden. He is also a foreign correspondent for Señal Colombia and handling several TV projects in the country. 

"I am Colombian and I deal with images."



Photo by Jonas Durå Hedman 

Photo by Jonas Durå Hedman 

Daniel Sjödin

Designer & Illustrator

Some would describe Daniel as the psychedelic antichrist, others call him a visionary artist. Here at Buddha Mag, he is Mr. Magic Fingers, the Illustrator of Dreams, the one who breathes colours and shapes into our words.

His work is best described as pop psychedelia, accentuating surrealistic universes with well-defined lines and hard colours. When he's not busy with the Buddha, Daniel also designs posters, logos, websites and all those professional stuff. He's currently working as a graphic designer for the famous Swedish-Danish TV production Bron. 

“Find what you love and let it kill you.” – Charles Bukowski 


Attila Tothpal


Attila’s fiery passion for life and photography constantly drives him to capture entire experiences through his lenses, with the aim of bringing his audience into his world of beauty.

When he’s not taking pictures, he enjoys running around naked in forests and frolicking with trees and wildlife. He claimed that he has seen the Yeti once, but until today, we still believe that it was his very hairy twin brother that he saw.

“Stop messing around, just love one another.”

Tasja Nielsen

Writer & Photographer

The wonder girl of the Buddha Mag's team, Tasja sees the world through eyes of romantic wonderment, combined with a cynical niceness that allows her to transport you to the scene of the crime, yet suspends you in a dreamlike, movie-set world.

When she's not writing, nope, we're just kidding, she's always writing. Let her take you into her universe. Pew pew pew pew pew...

"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." – Pablo Picasso


Michael Boyle

Writer & Photographer

Take a Scot out of his beloved land, plant him 3,000 miles away in a country ruled by religion and money, and watch him freak out. Michael has a really warped, yet realistic, perspective of Dubai’s insane culture and happenings. He also lives with one of Dubai’s most popular cat, whom he affectionately calls Chica.

Michael has been working away from home since he was 17, as a mechanical engineer in shipyards and other stereotypically manly places in Singapore and Dubai. In his free time, he drinks with Chica and complains about people.

"Rather than love, than money, than fame; give me truth.”



Amanda Plantin

Writer & Photographer

Just in case you were wondering what Amanda has been plantin', that's actually her last name. Born and bred in Sweden, her vivacious nature and loud personality has brought her to São Paulo in search of a land is as crazy as she is. Besides being dangerously passionate about knäckebröd, she's also very much into making music and acting out her fantasies in her head, and her living room.

With a background in history of religion and anthropology, she brings to the Buddha Mag buffet a feast of the senses, delighting your literary palate with succulent stories on the places, people, culture and crazy shit from the Brazilian wonderland she now calls home.

"Life is like a box of chocolates – You better eat all of it before it melts."


Phoenix Xiong


Ever since Phoenix was born, he saw the world differently. To him, truth and freedom have always been the greatest human values – to be celebrated and defended with the fury of a thousand suns. And this is the driving force behind his writing.

His eagle eyes pierce through the veils of everyday bullshit, and his impressive writing skills are put to the task of righting the wrongs of today's society. Offline, Phoenix is also an award-winning poet that uses his fiery performances and brutal honesty to send his message of love.

"When the world makes you want to close your eyes, open your mouth."



edited madonna.jpg

Naresh Subhash

Writer & photographer

A Singaporean living in self-imposed exile in Stuttgart, Germany, Naresh terrorises the conservative Germans with his loud kopitiam personality and fabulous flamboyance. His dinner last night was bratwurst in hoisin sauce with 2 pieces of goat cheese prata.

A rebel graduate from Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media, Naresh is now a freelance brand management consultant and our queer eye into the strange world of Germany.

“Racking up roses and cooking in kitchens
Brightly lit cigarettes and handjobs in toilets
Brown paper packages tied up with things
These are a few of my favourite things.”

Twitter Critter

Gill Hay

Twitter God / Token Ginger

Gill (noun) usually refers to the parts at the sides of a fish that functions as their lungs, allowing them to breathe underwater. But this Gill is slightly different. Some might say that this ginger has no soul, but stare into her soulful eyes and you'd find the most passionate creature within, breathing life into everyone's existence.

Years of psycho-analysing evil colleagues have given her mystical powers in the art of communication, or in other words, she can read minds and shit. And that's why she's with us today as our Twitter Critter, our 140-character Warrior, and our Viral Virtuoso. Now watch her spread the Buddha's seeds.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde

Guest contributors

Colombia – Nadya Hernández Beltrán

Mexico – Ana María Agredo González

Switzerland – Mira Fey

United Kingdom – Ursi Wu

Travel – Geertrui Tavernier

Design – Emilio José Bernard

Design – Emilio José Bernard