Hello! I’m Kai, editor of buddha mag


I first discovered my love for writing in 2010, when I started a little travel diary while exploring India. I realised that through my words, my fellow travellers could relive their experiences with all their senses, almost like being back at the moment they were there with me.

This revelation made me understand that writing had the power to change the world, and with this much power, I knew that I had to use it for good – to spread the message of love, kindness, and compassion.

Since then, I’ve started Buddha Mag, a humble online magazine that I use to share opinions on spirituality, responsible living, travelling, the festival movement, and more fun stuff. My own love revolution also presented me with the opportunity to be one of the main contributors for Ozorian Prophet, the newsletter of Ozora Festival, one of the planet’s biggest Psychedelic gatherings.


I’m also an author

Propelled by my burning desire to contribute even more to spread spirituality and psychedelic healing to even more people, I wrote and published two books, one in 2018 and the other in 2019. The down-to-earth messages got noticed by the festival communities around the world and I have been touring the European music festivals these two years, giving lectures about practical spirituality and promoting my books.

Rainbow Warrior Handbook Cover.jpg

Rainbow Warrior Handbook
– The Underground Guide to the Psychedelic Revolution

The book talks about bringing the lessons we can learn through psychedelic medicines into everyday life. How do we apply “We are One” and connectedness to topics such as religion, race, politics, gender, sexuality and daily living? With over 500 copies sold and presented across across Europe, I’d like to say I’m quite glad with how it’s been received. So if you’re keen to find out more, you can get a copy of the e-book here.


The Universe and I Walked into a Bar
– How all of Existence is One and Other Stuff

Based on my experience of Yopo, a traditional Amazonian medicine used by the tribes to connect to the spirit world, my second book moves beyond the discussion of psychedelics and presents an in-depth discussion of universal oneness. If you met the Universe in a bar, what questions would you ask? More interestingly, what answers would you get?


Branding & Social MEdia

Besides writing, I also believe strongly in the impact of honest branding, responsible marketing, and creating good social media content. When we have a good message, why not use it to benefit as many people as we can? I’d love to help you build your brand, design and write your website, or manage your social media.


No Ego Branding & Social Media

A branding agency a friend and I set up to help small businesses, artists, and musicians get their message out to the world.


Global Tribe Biodynamic Ecovillage

My beloved tribe of sustainable farmers in the South of Spain, where I am in charge of the complete brand management, website design and maintenance, social media content creation.


Transition Festival

Besides being an integral part of the organising team, I’m in charge of Transition Festival’s daily Instagram content creation. This role helps reminds the followers that until we meet again the next season in Andalucia, Spain, the love revolution continues in our daily life.


Let’s connect

Need help with your branding, website and social media? Or would you like to talk to me about lectures and book presentations? I’m all ears!


Or send me an email at kai@buddhamag.org