We didn't choose the bug life. The bug life chose us.

By: Kai Teo
Photos: César Ortiz

Event: “Insula” An art exhibition by Paulina Living – Galleri Gordon, Nobelvägen 48
Date: Friday, 5 April ‘13
Artist: Paulina Living
Our rating: 4/5

Bugs. Some people freak out at the sight of them. Some people eat them (yes, the Chinese eat everything). And there’re some who marvel at them and create beautiful, insightful art pieces with them.

Paulina Living is one such artist. And in case you were wondering, no insects were harmed during the making of her artwork.

Buddha Mag visited Galleri Gordon last weekend for the closing of Paulina’s exhibition. The bright, white, and small 8m by 8m space was starkly contrasted with intricate hand-painted black ink portraits of bugs, beetles and moths.

But what’s “Insula”? Now, here’s the trippy part. The insular lobe is the fifth lobe of our brain, which receives feedback from the body’s internal organs, and is also involved in how we experience the world and express our feelings in a social context. We’re no biologists, so don’t quote us on that. But how does that all tie up? We’ll leave it to you to decide.

The spotlight of the evening was none other than the huge close-up of a moth that she had found outside her home. Every line, dot and pattern was carefully captured and translated into an abstract piece of wonder, commanding attention and breathtaking admiration.

And then there was a box with a hole in it. Like all curious kids, we had to look in. And there it was, the very moth that inspired the majestic work of art. Magnified through a looking lens, illuminated by strong white light and amplified to our senses. We couldn’t help but feel a deep affection towards the dead animal.

Many of us have never looked at bugs this way. They’re often overlooked while we’re busy chasing our hollow dreams of the material and uploading instagram pictures of our lunch. We’ve somehow stopped enjoying beauty in its most natural form.

And through inkblots and pen dots, Paulina reminds us of the simpler pleasures in life, the unparalleled charm of nature, and how we’re fucking ourselves over by getting an 8-5 job. Honestly, it hit us pretty hard. And at some point, I might have sobbed a little.

If you want something powerful to put up at home, instead of a TV, order a print from Paulina.