A Yugoslavian wedding, minus the couple, then add the acid.

By: Kai Teo

Photos and video: César Ortiz

Event: Discoteka Yugostyle – Babel, Spångatan 38
Date: Saturday, 30 March ‘13
Live: Discoteka Yugostyle
Genre: Balkan fusion
Entry: 140kr, 20kr wardrobe
Our rating: 4.5/5

Reach into the depths of your stereotypes about Yugoslavian wedding music, and let it play a little in your head. Now add a dose of LSD, plus 8 cans of red bull.

That’s right. Welcome to the sound of Discoteka Yugostyle.

Young, fun, full of energy and infectiously dancey, the music of this Swedish 10-person band is what Malmö’s all about – Fusion. The talented brass band brings Balkan tunes to the next level, with yugo trance disco beats, crazy lights and an incredibly strong stage presence.

This shit turns everyone into a party animal.

The evening and the dance floor was nothing like we’ve seen. It was a flurry of jumping kids, kissing couples, tap-dancing circles, sweaty neon-clad ravers, and the token ironic Ramones tshirt hipster. The floor was slippery with wasted beer, the air was thick with the smell of sweat, perfume, and dry ice, and dancers were falling over one another, hugging and fist-pumping furiously. In short, it was a beautiful mess.

And it was impossible not to dance.

It was as if the trumpets were blown deep into our brains, the beats programmed into our dancing shoes, and the vibes resonated within our hearts.

We forgot we were supposed to write a review. We forgot to put on any face paint. And we just let ourselves loose. We didn’t even make it to the bar.

We were having too much fun to notice anything else to write about.

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