Mikeadelic – The artist that successfully captures the human subconscious mind.

By Kai Teo
Photos: Emilia Stålhammar
Video: César Ortiz

Event: Mikeadelic Ljus syns bäst i mörker
Venue: Butcher, Mästerdanielsgatan 3, Malmö
Date: 1 November to 4 December ‘13

Just at the moment before you fall into deep sleep, your subconscious mind starts doing some really weird shit. 

This trippy limbo between your waking life and dream world is where people experience out-of-body astral projections and start seeing fucked up stuff in their heads.

And this is the world that you step into with every piece of Mikeadelic’s art.

Imagine yourself prying open a tiny, ancient-looking door hidden between the bushes in your neighbour’s garden. Never mind why you were there in the first place, that’s unimportant.

As you crouch down and squeeze your way into the opening, you feel intense claustrophobia and the asphyxiating tangled mess of moving green vines slowly gripping you.

The moment you get through the door, it slowly shuts itself behind you with a melodic creak, shutting you out from all that you’ve ever known. Someone taps your shoulder and as you look up, you realise that it’s a dwarf wearing a tattered circus costume, beaming with the biggest smile underneath his faded makeup. There’s something really disconcerting about his face though. He looks exactly like you, just older, wiser and a little more… free.

He doesn’t speak a word. He just takes your hand and starts walking along the forest trail littered with red autumn leaves that hurriedly scutter out of the way before you can step on them. Neon one-winged butterflies flutter around you with the grace of peace doves, leaving a trail of light and glitter that illuminate your path.

You start wondering why you were there in the first place. But you are instantly distracted by the giant human faces on the enormous oak trees. 

“Shhh… they’re asleep. Don’t wake them up. They’ve had a long day,” whispered the dwarf.

Some of them snore with a little whistle, and you can feel a light, bubble-gum-scented breeze brush across your face as you slowly creep past them.

The dwarf takes you on a winding path that keeps changing directions as if it can’t make up its mind on where it wants to go. You can’t understand why, but you know that you can trust the dwarf with your life.

In the distance, you can make out the silhouette of a tall building made out of mud and sticks. It had a strange, yellow glow encircling it and its appearance never stops shifting. One moment, it’s a tiny cottage, the next, you find yourself gawking at a grand palace with squirrel servants.

The dwarf leaves you at the door of the still-moving building. He ushers you in with the gesture of a veteran butler. So you turn the warm, golden doorknob, only to find another identical door just behind it. You open it again, and there’s another door. And another, and another, and another.

Ok, time to look at the next painting.

This is the art of Mikeadelic the psychedelic messiah. Every picture tells an elaborate fairy tale that absolutely makes no sense. Every line is a precisely painted memory of a faraway dream. And every colour is like a newly discovered one.

It’s an honest peek into the human subconscious mind. And it’s a wondrous candy coloured mixture of the real and surreal, light and dark, joy and pain.

Let the artist take you on a journey of self-discovery. Let him grip your mind by its balls. And let him trip the fuck out of you. 

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