If you had a weak heart, the bass would’ve killed you.

By Kai Teo

Photos: César Ortiz and Emilia Stålhammar

Event: Wall of Sound
Venue: Kontrapunkt, Västanforsgatan 21, Malmö
Date: 7th December 13
Artistes: Raske Penge & Klumben (DK), Deng Deng HIFI (SWE), Rootsteppaz Soundsystem (SWE)

Wall of Sound has never been for the faint hearted. It’s an entire wall made up of giant speakers, cranked up to top volume. It almost has a life of its own. It is a fucking grotesque, ferocious, heart-stopping monster of vibration. 

This night, there was no conversation on the dance floor. The bass was so strong, so angry that it shook our souls, and probably the heavens too. My entire face went numb, my mouth fell open uncontrollably, and my vision blurred from the Worr woorrr wah wah woop woop woop woop. All I could see were colours and blurred out bright lights.

It was therapeutic. Well, at least to me.

Cans and bottles placed on any elevated flat surface toppled themselves over. Take out a dollar bill and you could see it come to life. I tried peeing at a urinal but the usually steady stream instantly pulverised into a golden mist (ok, that was a pretty disgusting thought).

Wall of Sound delivered yet again – a warm, concrete slab of vicious, delicious sound waves, smashing right into our faces, shattering our eardrums, innards, and every bit of consciousness into a fine mix of comforting slush and powder of pure bliss.

Standing right in front of the speakers was sheer stupidity. And I did it to feel violated, to experience the momentary loss of control of all cognitive functions, and to take the pounding from the assault of the Wor Wor monster. It blasted out every bit of stress I had left from the shit day at work, and it bombed out all my worries of impending cash depletion as a result of Christmas shopping.

I’ve heard, or read somewhere, that when human beings are exposed to bass that is too strong, it might alter the heartbeat or even cause the heart to go into a seizure and shit.

But hey, if I had died, at least I died engulfed in the mighty Wall of Sound.