Spirituality ABC – A beginner’s guide to higher consciousness, minus the big words

By Kai Teo
Intended for The Ozorian Prophet 

Picture: theblissfuldog.com

Picture: theblissfuldog.com

Like many people, I used to dismiss the concept of spirituality as new-age hocus pocus that sound as absurd as the idea of Noah’s Ark. Not anymore.

Well, I still believe that Noah’s Ark is physically impossible to build, and well, to condone whatever’s been proposed in the story would be to support the idea of mass genocide. Everyone dies except for Noah and his family, and a pair of each animal. That’s a little grim, and a little cruel isn’t it?

“Too bad Noah, you can’t bring this super adorable puppy on board. One male one female, so you would have to let the puppy drown in this vicious flood that I’m gonna cast upon the earth.”


But this article isn’t about Noah’s Ark. It’s about how I’ve learned to embrace spirituality despite being a super sceptic.

I never quite believed in anything except Science. And even then, Science is merely a set of theories that seems to fit in well with our perception of the world. All that chakra stuff, energies, vibrations, and the idea that we are all one, sounded rather hard to believe.

“It’s ok, all of you can meditate and do yoga and all that and reach a higher state of consciousness. I’d just take acid.”

Sure, substances have proven be a spiritual shortcut for many, like how the Shamans of the Amazonian tribes use Ayahuasca to seek answers from the divine, the Babas of India smoke Marijuana to seek Shiva’s guidance, and of course, hippies taking LSD to open their minds and learn new stuff.

But if you could get high without drugs, why wouldn’t you do it all the time?

My big revelation came during Ozora Festival 2014. Over the years, quite a few people have come up to me to tell me that I emit very good energy and they can even feel my presence in my room. I’ve always dismissed that as some hippie way of telling me that I am quite a nice guy.

But over the week at Ozora, about 20–30 random strangers came up to me, hugged me like I was their long lost son, and told me the exact same thing, “You have such good energy! Thank you!”

I really didn’t know how to respond to that, except with a hug and a big thank you. And a smile.

That’s when I realised that, “Hey, this shit might be real.” I mean, these people didn’t necessarily want to sleep with me, and I’m not rich, so there was definitely no ulterior motive. And just like that, I decided to explore what it means by spreading “good energy” and try to max that shit out.

Meditation – Trying hard not to scratch my balls

So I started reading, watching documentaries, seminars by babas, doing yoga (I’ve been quite lazy about this), and meditating.

I wasn’t satisfied with repeated statements without proper explanation, such as “We are all made of energy” or “We are all one” or even “Your chakars are connected to the universe”.

I mean, come on, how am I connected to that Neo-Nazi skinhead that appeared in the newspapers last week for stabbing an immigrant outside the pub?

I didn’t want to be one with that dude. And yes, the only way I think we are connected is that we are all organisms that exist in harmony (supposedly) with Mother Nature, and that his actions would somehow affect another human being, which would be detrimental to the general welfare of the human species. To be honest, I’m still working on my acceptance of this idea.

Ok, back to meditation and why you might like to try it.

I started with guided meditations on Youtube, which are kinda like verbal hypnosis videos to help you relax, clear your mind and de-stress. It didn’t change my life, but for that brief 60 minutes where I sat and tried not to be distracted by my itching balls, my twitchy eye, or the buzzing helicopter that flew past my apartment, I felt a divine sense of peace and hardcore relaxation. I would compare that feeling to lying on a hammock on the beaches of Goa, with an ice cold beer in my hand, and with absolutely nothing to worry about.

All that intense chill, by just sitting on the floor in my room. Now, that was cool.

And then I went on to try Chakra activating guided meditations. These ones were a little harder to follow. I mean, how am I supposed to feel my energy centres being activated and spreading warmth to my entire body if I don’t really know whether to believe in them or not? That’s when I realised that…

If, for that moment when you are meditating, believe everything that the guided voice tells you about Chakras, you will actually feel it quite strongly.

A-ha! I decided not to doubt and really gave it a go. What I felt was rather phenomenal. A warm, tingling sensation, and a soft, gentle flow of that mild liquid orgasm spreading from these different energy centres, to whichever part of my body I wanted to direct it to. It was fun. And it felt very, very real, and very, very powerful.

Ever since then, I’ve been meditating almost everyday (it’s kinda like a drug) just to feel my energy radiating throughout my entire body. And well, I’ve also found concrete scientific evidence that cultivating our thoughts actually do send out electrical signals (all mental activity is a result of neurons firing and making electrical connections) from our bodies to others. Even if they can’t tell what it is, they will feel the vibes from you. And if you spread good vibes, they would feel it. So, why not?

It’s about time we embrace a new set of beliefs, since the current ones don’t seem to be working out very well for the world.

Armed with the “Why not?” attitude, I decided to adopt a new set of beliefs that many consider “new age”. It’s not new age, for fuck’s sake. Many ancient cultures across the globe have been practising these ever since we came into existence – belief systems that embrace the idea that the universe is one and that we shouldn’t be assholes.

Well you see, humans have a problem with pride. Nature came up with the perfect system where all life exists in a delicate balance and everything seems to go in harmonious cycles. Animals kinda got that part figured out, you know, they don’t start building weird shit and extract oil from the ground. But humans, we decided that we could come up with a better system than perfection, and started the economic system, industrial revolution, and other weird shit like that.

We could argue that it’s in our nature to stray from the original system and fuck shit up, so that Mother Earth can either 1) see us as a parasite and wipe us out with some incurable disease, or 2) trigger in all of us an urgent need for awakening and change the way we live on this planet.

They’re both pretty viable options. The dinosaurs might have fucked up big time, and today, they’re gone. So before we get wiped out, maybe we should try to make a change for the better.

And for me, that means going through a paradigm shift (sorry for the use of this term, I just thought “change our way of thinking” didn’t sound so powerful) and adopt a new set of beliefs. One that would ensure the survival of all life, and the planet. A belief system that would lead humans into the next wave of evolution – the evolution of the mind. To adopt a new mindset that is all about peace, love, unity, respect, and freedom.

If we don’t try, we would probably die off. All of us.

So why not? There’s everything to lose if we continue living the way we do. Ok, I’m not saying that you’re destroying the world by not meditating and stuff. But all that spiritual bla bla that we’ve been going on about is all good. It’s all about love and stuff. And adopting this new belief, I believe, would actually help make the world a better, more sustainable place, and of course, make you a more balanced, happier person.

Combine this new spirituality with technology, and we would see a renewed push for the development of sustainable energy sources, a food solution to solve world hunger, and the internet would be used to spread love far and wide (at least to places with wifi).

I know many who are afraid of being ridiculed for talking about energy, the universe, unity, connection, cosmos, and stuff like that. Well I mean, look, you don’t have to be irritating about it. Encourage those who are open to these ideas to come out and ask questions. Those who aren’t interested, don’t go shoving it down their throats. Chill, it’s not their time. We do what we can for those around us.

And while you’re being all spiritual and shit, remember to have fun!

The thing about many overly spiritual hippies is that they are boring as fuck. They don’t crack dirty jokes, they don’t laugh when someone steps on a banana skin and falls, and they don’t have stupid moments. In short, they’re don’t have fun (ok, I shouldn’t be too quick to judge, but this is my personal experience with some of them).

Go insane! Dance! Have loads of sex! Eat fried food! It’s not about the little things you do. If you wake up everyday with good values internalised, and with the desire to be the best person you can be, the actions that you perform would naturally help make the world a better place.

We would make honest mistakes along the way, but as long as we know that there was no evil ulterior motive, and that our deeds stem from good and healthy thoughts, we can all learn from our fuck ups.

So give it go. There’s no harm trying. Time to get spiritual! And if you like what you read, give us a little like on Facebook by clicking here. =)