Dear hippies: If you wanna change the world, first learn to get real.

Intended for The Ozorian Prophet
By: Kai Teo
Illustration: Daniel Sjödin

We are all one. We are all connected through the divine universal consciousness that draws invisible strings that bind us all together, to our past, present and future. Shakti flows in all of us, and we are the physical vessels that channel cosmic energy to all beings.

“What the fuck is this hippie blabbering on about?” Yep, this would be the response of every layman that sees this message. Admit it, we know at least one person on our Facebook (that is if you have more than 5 ‘friends’) that posts stuff like that everyday as their status. And at some point, we might even have done it ourselves.  

Hippie jargon might sound good, or even profound, to our yoga friends or to the ‘family’ we’ve adopted at Psytrance festivals. As much as it makes perfect sense and is super obvious to us, a majority of the world gets turned off the moment they hear Chakra talk, let alone be open to our message.

Here’s a little glossary of the stuff I’ve seen on the interwebz and social media today: open our chakras, free our hearts, tune in with the universe’s frequency, consciousness awakening, Shakti, Kundalini, and loads more.

We might have good intentions, but through all that gibberish higher consciousness talk, we unknowingly appear to others as pretentious pricks who’re constantly high on acid and self-righteousness.

And whatever we’ve been trying to preach goes down the gutters of the gazillion terabytes of irrelevant information that we’ve been exposed to everyday, along with the article “Nicki Minaj reveals the secret to her superb ass.”

All of us want to change the world for the better, you know, to ‘wake up’ the human species and make everyone love life, in all senses of the word. But when we get obsessed about spamming words from the Hippie Handbook: Universal Edition, we inevitably lull our audience to sleep. And no, not in the sleep meditation kind of lucid dreaming sleep, in case you’re wondering if your mighty words have some sort of hypnotic effect that can subconsciously alter their nerve endings.

We’re trying to make the world a nicer place, not seek approval, and ‘likes’, from our peers who speak our language.

Oh, by the way, not all the articles that confirm our beliefs in the higher consciousness are logically sound, or scientifically correct. So let us not be too hasty to share them without properly understanding the subjects, lest we be accused of the infamous ‘confirmation bias’. And every time we share an unreliable article that is more myth than fact, our “Convincing Meter” goes down by a point. 

But here’s the good news: More and more people are realising that the current system of doing things is kinda fucked up, and are becoming more open to finding new ways of thinking, living, and being.

They might not quit their jobs and start living in a cave tomorrow, but they might be a little more receptive to what the hippies have to say, especially stuff like yoga, meditation, energies, sustainable living and more down-to-earth topics.

These days, every gym is offering yoga and meditation classes, popular media is glorifying the effects of natural healing, and numerous scientific studies are providing concrete proof that our thoughts and feelings have a direct link to our physical health and the moods of others. And well, of course, there’s been loads of news on the legalisation of marijuana in numerous cities around the globe (woohoo!).

It’s a sign people are getting pissed off about how fucked up the world has become, it’s an indication that the world is starting to want change, and it’s a call for hippies to once again shout the message of love from the tops of the mountains, or the roof of a mall if you live in a city. 

So how can we be part of this change, without appearing like a full-on crack head?

Let’s start with really knowing our shit before we try to preach something. Don’t talk about how meditation has changed your life if yesterday, you sat quietly staring at the toilet seat and not thinking about shit for 20 minutes, for the first time in your life. Don’t tell your friends to open their chakras if you haven’t opened your mouth about it to your own mom. Don’t tell me about One Love if you stared down some dude in a suit on the bus yesterday convinced that you’re living a more fruitful life than he is.

When we don’t practise what we preach, everything we say sounds like bullshit. 


And this is what I’ve been struggling with.

I want to be fucking nice to the people around me. But I haven’t been able to convince myself why I should be nice to a neo-nazi that is about to throw a glass bottle at me. For now, I’m only nice to my friends and good-looking strangers, kinda.

I’ve been trying to see that just because some girl is wearing a pink dress from Zara and her boyfriend comes with a Hugo Boss suit and tie, it doesn’t mean they’re “a product of the system”. I bet they like cute furry animals, are closet fans of Star Wars, and love their parents too. That’s a similarity we share. Maybe they’re happy with their jobs and they get along well with their bosses.

I’m guilty of judging people. A lot. I still scorn at those who buy stuff mindlessly, follow every episode of Jersey Shore, carry branded bags and stuff. I secretly thought I was better, but refused to come to terms with it and admit to myself that I was a self-righteous asshole disguised as a longhaired all-loving urban hippie.   

When someone’s not keen on listening to me preach about my path to spiritual betterment, I call them “close-minded”. When someone follows a trend just to fit in with their peers, I term them “sheep”.  

So who am I to tell the hippies to “get real”, when I’m no saint myself?

Well, I’m sharing this with everyone because I think many people can identify with this mindset – the one which says “It’s my way or the highway”, the one which is so sure that “If the world had more of me and less of you, it would be a better place”.

And I wanna tell you that this spiritual journey is a fucking struggle. It was only last week that I finally arrived at this thought, “We rebel not because we hate the system, but because we love the people.” Right now, I’m still trying to really understand what the statement means. I mean, everything in history that has had hate as a starting point never turned out well. So instead of basing my philosophy, and work, on hating the system and trying to change it, I had to switch its essence to one that centres around love, and start anew from there.

A week on, I can already feel myself getting somewhere, which is why I’m writing this, in the hope that those who are going through the same fight can be a little inspired to look within ourselves and make a change from there.

The hippie way is a pretty good way to bring about world change. But for us to be truly convincing and make real impact, we have to be super genuine about it.

Let what we do come from true love for humanity, nature, Mother Earth and the mysteries of our existence. Let us learn to understand and empathise with those who base their lives on the current system, you know, that dude in a suit with slicked-back hair. Let us be humble and realistic about what we’re trying to achieve when we do what we do.

And may we rid ourselves of self-righteousness and spiritual jargon, and bring all our big holy theories down to a level that directly affects how we treat people, and live our lives. Only then can people see what being a hippie is truly about.

We are the message.

We are that almighty love that we’ve always been talking about. Things can change, if we stop bullshitting ourselves, and stop bullshitting others. So let’s start small, and start with ourselves. 

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