Human evolution – What’s next? Are we fucked?

By Kai

This seems to suggest that the next stage of human evolution is darkness. It might be right.

This seems to suggest that the next stage of human evolution is darkness. It might be right.

Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest kinda explains why humans are the biggest assholes in today’s ecosystem.

Ok, some cats can also be assholes. But at least they don’t own guns. But ever since humans climbed to the top of the food chain, free from the perils of ravenous lions or hungry hippos, we took the whole “survival of the fittest” thing to a whole new level.

Being faster, stronger, better, was no longer just about survival.

Today, we compete against one another to see who has the biggest penis, largest diamonds, or more Facebook likes on our profile pictures (yes, I actually do have more likes than you, but that’s besides the point). Because these things, unfortunately, have become worldwide standards in mate selection.

Humans today seek to amass senseless quantities of wealth and power as individuals, often resorting to the exploitation of other humans, animals, and the whole fucking world in the process. Instead of the society being one that champions the idea of “survival of the fittest”, we instead embrace “death to the weakest”.

You don’t have to be number one alpha animal to have a pretty decent life and get kids and shit. But if you’re number last, you’re pretty much fucked.

Some would say we have made great progress from the moment our ancestors stood up on their two legs and started giving one another names like “Adam” or “Julia”. Indeed, we have taken great leaps in science, medicine, and technology, helping us bridge geographical gaps and language gaps, prolonging life expectancy and such. These days, we are even exploring space. Adam could never have dreamt of anything more than what’s underneath the leaf covering Julia’s crotch.  

But all these giant steps into the future are marred by less desirable human traits such as selfishness, hate, insecurity, and all that bad shit that’s making all the bad shit happen in the world today. 


Primal instincts. They have served us well before modern civilisations, and living in such close proximity and density, came into the picture. Our aggression has helped deal with animals bigger and stronger than us. Our selfishness has helped ensure that our direct offspring have enough food. Fear has driven us to build shelters that could protect us from the cold, and other ferocious animals. 

And as we grew smarter, we began to use our intelligence to build cities, hospitals, space stations, and all that magnificent high-tech shit. But many elements of our primitive mindset that are no longer necessary, or even helpful, for survival in today’s metropolises, stayed with us, yet to be subjected to de-evolution.  

In other words, humans can’t even fucking handle how smart we are.

This is why the price we pay for our current existence is skyrocketing. The same primal instinct that we have used to fight off strange animals is now wrongly employed to fight off people of a different skin colour. The same selfishness used to make sure our family had enough food for the winter has turned into the obsession to earn shit loads of money. The ingenuity from building useful tools has morphed into scheming minds that manipulate and exploit others.

We’re fucked up not because we’re humans, but because we’re still animals.

It’s the same shit as putting a hand grenade in the hands of a squirrel. It’s just gonna get ugly.

So what now? Should we just accept that the evils in the world are due to us not evolving fast enough and let nature take its course?

Of course not. Look, we’re made of the same stuff as nature. So if an insect can change its form to become a stick to hide from predators, we can also do something to trigger our own evolution.

We’re not gonna grow an extra pair of arms, that wouldn’t help do shit. We’re talking about the evolution of the mind – evolution of a higher form.

We should stop seeing evolution as something that’s individual, you know, “me against you” kinda thing.

Evolution has to be adopted on a larger scale. We’re talking families, cities, civilisations, the entire species, the whole motherfucking ecosystem.


If entire forests or islands can self-organise over time to handle the climate, geography, and available resources of the area, it isn’t hard to imagine the entire planet earth evolving towards greater sustainability as a single entity.

Here’s where people start getting uncomfortable and start to question if all living beings on earth do, in fact, share a collective intelligence. Well, consider the water cycle, the food chain, and how everything in nature seems to function in perfect harmony and interdependence.

We all know about photosynthesis. But why did plants choose carbon dioxide instead of oxygen? I’m pretty sure trees didn’t individually decide that they would like to use CO2 instead of oxygen because it smells better. There’s only 0.04% of that in the air, compared to 21% of oxygen. Surely, if they were seeking individual survival, they would have chosen a gas that’s more abundant.

One way to explain this is that the process is a result of a bigger, invisible system that seeks to sustain ALL life – one that somehow deemed it fit for trees to produce oxygen during photosynthesis so that you and I, and other ungrateful bastards, have enough of that shit to breathe.

So then what role do humans play in this big picture? I’m not sure if we have a specific role per se. 

But what I do know, is that if we carry on with whatever the fuck we’re doing right now, we’re not gonna make the cut when the time comes for Mother Earth to do some healing for herself.

We always say we’re destroying the earth and shit. Well, we’re harming it, but we’re not gonna destroy it. It’s a lot smarter than we are. We’d be wiped out before we deal it considerable damage, and along with us, take thousands of other living species to extinction (just in case there’s an afterlife, I want to carry an ivory pendant with me for good luck, so let me cut this elephant down).

Humans have become the biggest parasite to the ecology of the natural system. And there’re a million ways to wipe us out, clean. Natural disasters, new weird diseases, fucked up ball and tit cancers, HIV to discourage us from fucking, nightmarish flesh-eating bacteria and shit like that.

Taadaa, no humans = no problem.

But while we’re still here, there might be a chance for us to change something before D-day finally comes, before Mother Nature tells us we should finally fuck off. I know this is starting to sound like some Armageddon Christian preaching, but in this version, you don’t have to believe in Jesus and Noah’s Titanic, you just have to be a better person.


The next stage of human evolution, ideally, should be one where we adopt a mindset and lifestyle that would sustain all life, in harmony with nature, and one another.

I’m not saying we go back to our caves and sleep on animal hides, even though that can sound like a fun weekend excursion. But rather, use everything that we have now, our technology, our modern medicine, the internet, and all the useful stuff, for the overall good of the world, instead of selfish reasons. It’s not just about us anymore, it’s about life. And life is sacred. No shit, if you don’t believe me, try killing yourself. And don’t sue us for it.

The neo-human would be the embodiment of greater values such as love, unity, respect, honesty, and freedom. And the great thing is, the neo-human is already within you and me. Because we already know what these values stand for, and many of us have felt their power. Right from your first kiss to the time you stood together with 10,000 others in a demonstration against racism. 

We already know how beautiful of a world we can create together. The next step would be for us to live these values and make good shit happen. 

Welcome to the new revolution. There’s no need to take up arms or storm the streets. This revolution is in our minds. Believe in, think, and live love, in every way possible. It might be difficult at the start. No one said a revolution, or evolution, would be easy.

Some of us would perish or succumb to the temptation of the next Gucci bag, some might be ridiculed for being new-age and all those terms they might throw at us. But once we’ve been awakened and truly believe that we can change the world for the better, we can fight on.

Let us bring out the best of the human spirit. Let us show other species that we give a shit too. Then let life flourish.

Not many of us believe in the possibility of extra-terrestrial life (in that case, you’re quite stupid, have you seen how vast the universe is? You really think that we’re the only intelligent life form?), but if aliens decide to visit us one day, we can safely tell them we’re not assholes.

So let’s rise up and arm ourselves now, with love and wisdom. And go out there to fight for the next stage of human evolution. For we are not just parasites. We are life.

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