If God wanted everyone to be straight, he would’ve created us so.

By Kai Teo
Pictures: Roslan Rahman via Getty Images

The giant heart, to simply ask Singaporeans to have bigger hearts.

Buddha Mag respects and fights for the right of every human being to practise their religion, and sexuality.

As long as it is not imposed onto others. Simple, isn’t it? We really don’t care who you worship at home, as long as you don’t force-feed it down my children’s throats. And whoever you choose to have sex with is none of our business as well.

That’s freedom, respect, and basic human rights. And yes, that’s what some people call “moral degradation”.

Last weekend, Singapore saw its biggest ever Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rally, the Pink Dot movement. 26,000 turned up to show their support for LGBT rights. That’s cool.

What’s not cool, is the protest against this, which happened in the same weekend, urging Singaporean families to “preserve purity at home”. Also called the “Wear White” campaign, it took place in a mega church with 6,000 fervent members.

So church leaders have always taken a strong stance against homosexuality, saying that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Well, believe what you want, be super straight in your family, if that’s cool for you, it’s cool for us. But calling homosexuality a “moral degradation” in public? Big no no.

You see, it’s not a question of morality here. Homosexuals are born into homosexuality, it’s the same as being born Chinese, Malay, Indian, or born with a longer index finger than the middle finger. It’s not like we can decide this. Kids as young as three have expressed their preference for a certain gender in romantic love, or expressed their own desire to identify with a certain gender.

That’s not bad parenting. That’s nature. Parents don’t deliberately indoctrinate their kids with gay values. Have you ever heard a parent say to their son, “Look boy, you really should like boys and in the future, get married with one.”? Nope.

And if sexuality is truly a choice, then everyone would choose to be bisexual. This way, we can pick anyone!

This whole idea of “curing” homosexuality too, is as ludicrous as Michael Jackson changing his skin colour. To all the straight people out there, how about trying to be gay for one day, try to have sex with someone of the same gender. Difficult, if not impossible, isn’t it? As a straight man, I would be really uncomfortable in the presence of another male’s erected penis, regardless of whether it touches me or not.

So if we can’t turn gay, how can we expect a homosexual to turn straight? It’s not some multiple-choice Who Wants to Be a Millionaire shit: “I pick option A for Sexuality, because then I can advance to the next round and get myself one step closer to being a morally upright person.” Right.

So in Creationist terms, God created homosexuals the way they are. And that’s what he intended.

Purpose? To test their faith in unconditional love for human beings, and to test their strength amidst the widespread persecution and bigotry, and despite the non-acceptance from fellow Christians or Muslims, still believe in Him.

Think about it, if there was a God, he wouldn’t tell you, “Oh, you can’t love this person if you want to go to heaven.” He would probably say, “If you understand and practise true love for humanity, you’d be pretty safe.”

Of course, God’s purpose for us is beyond our meagre human understanding. And we really can’t put into human language what he wants or doesn’t want for us. Most of what we’ve decided as religious rules, are mere human interpretation.

God would probably tell us to love unconditionally. And respect freedom. And God would probably tell us all to live by this motto, “Your freedom ends where another person’s freedom begins.”

The LGBT community in Singapore is merely standing together to ask for acceptance.

They’re not telling you to turn gay. They’re not telling your children who to love. They’re not trying to corrupt your morals. All they want is to not be seen like a freak. And have the equal rights to love another human being. How can that be wrong?

Because they can’t make babies? It’s a personal choice whether or not they want to have kids. And even if homosexual couples choose to have a child, there’s artificial insemination, there’s adoption, or pretty soon someone might come up with an iPad app for that.

And if you’re thinking, “Oh no, that will create the next generation of homosexual children! The horror!” That’s a stupid thought. Gay parents are equally capable of loving their kids, and these kids will not be brought up being encouraged to be gay, or straight. Rather, they will be taught to understand that everyone should be who they are, and can be loved no matter who they are, and more importantly, they will know that true love conquers all.

Wham, bam, pow! Meaning of life figured out, right from age 0! Beat that.

“So if they wear pink, why can’t we wear white?”

Well, that’s because they’re not telling you that it’s not cool to be straight. The LGBT community, and people supporting the movement, are not saying that being straight is a “degradation of the moral fibre of society”.

So Singaporeans, it’s alright if you don’t want to be gay. Just don’t go telling a homosexual that they’re doing something wrong.

Personal freedom. Learn to respect that. You can only go as far as saying, ”That’s not my thing.” I mean, look, in our country, it’s already illegal for a man to fuck another man. What’s next? You want us to ban holding hands?

So be nice, let another human being love who he or she wants to. Because God would probably have a bigger heart than to say “No” to love.

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