Come Drink with Be Svendsen and Seth Schwarz's Bar Tender

By Kai Teo

When Be Svendsen’s psychedelic songstress met Seth Schwarz’s dreamy violin virtuoso for the first time, love could be found at every single decibel, and every beat was the beating of their musical hearts fusing together in a fairy tale of the audio. 

Their marriage was inevitable, and shortly after their union in Dreamlandia, they gave birth to a beautiful Chinese Bar Tender, 酒保 (pronounced jiŭbăo).

酒保 isn’t your everyday bartender. Her grace and beauty is embodied in her very name. In English, she’s The Bar Tender – every musical bar a tender note for your soul. And in Chinese, 酒保, which translates to The Guardian of the Spirits. 

As the flowing, colourful sound waves of this new track fall into the deep embrace of your ears, they also caress and soothe your existence, ever so gently and tenderly. The Bar Tender eases you into her world, Dreamlandia, where it’s a pink, warm sunset, 48 hours a day. As she stands behind the bar, serving endless love and free-flowing drops of every imaginable or unimaginable nectar, she gives you free reign of all that happens here. After all, it’s Dreamlandia: 酒保 sets the scene, everything else is up to you. 

Climb the spiral staircases of Be’s arpeggios to eternal bliss, or let the warm auroras of Seth’s violin engulf you in unlimited joy. Smile as 酒保 whispers romance into your ears, or let the echoes of her cheeky laughter flutter the butterflies in your stomach. It’s Dreamlandia, and your possibilities are endless. 

Listen to the radio edit of The Bar Tender on All Day I Dream's Soundcloud:

If you loved the track, you can also buy the original 9 min 38 sec version at beatport!

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