“2 minutes after I smoked it, I met god.” – A first-hand experience of Lucid Tulsi

By Kai Teo
Picture: background-kid.com, spiritualcounselling.co.uk

This is my personal experience of smoking Lucid Tulsi. Buddha Mag does not condone the use of harmful, illegal substances and we encourage our readers to read this article at their own discretion.

First, let’s begin with some facts.

Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is a natural Ayurvedic herb that has been used by the indigenous people of India for thousands of years for its remarkable health benefits (Google it). In Hinduism, it is believed that this plant is an earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi, a consort of the god Vishnu. 

Lucid Tulsi is a laboratory-prepared blend of medical THC and Tulsi leaves. I was told that it contains up to 70% THC, up to 7 times more potent than common strains of marijuana.

Right, now that we’ve got the definitions out of the way, let me take you on an out-of-body, out-of-space, out-of-time journey into infinity, right from the very first puff.

Anjuna Beach, Goa. 2 am. Dark Psytrance was pulsing into the cool morning air, blasting away all forms of natural life, substituting them with menacing images of alien babies, winged monsters and slimy robots. It was my first time in Shiva Valley, and as someone who’s accustomed to the chilled out, easy-going vibes of Arambol Beach, this was quite a breath-taking culture shock.

Hundreds of people had swapped their eyes for deep dark black holes that transported their visions into another dimension, their teeth chattering madly, and their soul completely taken over by the music. Some people remained pretty, others looked fucking ghastly with their pale faces and sweat-drenched hair. It wasn’t all love on the dance floor, people were in their own trips and couldn’t care less about spreading the tribal love that I’ve always been familiar, and comfortable with.

This wasn’t a place for me. Too little PLUR, too much substances. But the Psytrance was wicked. And if it was just for one night, I would dance my spirit away with the deranged crowd of pseudo-superhumans. The Indian whiskies flowed freely down my throat, along with Kingfishers and Old Monk’s rum. 

I wasn’t drunk or anything. I was just high from the dancing. And during one of the breaks from my intense cardio workout, I sat down beside a friendly-looking stranger, whom I offered my beer to. In return, he passed me a little pipe and asked if I wanted to smoke some Lucid Tulsi. And before he finished explaining what it was, I was already on my fourth puff. 

It tasted too sweet to be harmful, sounded too Ayurvedic to be too wary of.

2 minutes. My head started spinning. I had to sit down, wherever. If not, I would fall. WHAM! And then I lost all connection with my physical body.


This was something that I’ve never felt in my life. The music faded out layer by layer, like it was consumed by a vacuum of absolute nothingness. All sounds, all talking, all light, all vision, all my senses, began to follow suit. The absolute nothingness has taken over. And I have been sucked into it.

Here, there was no concept of a physical body. I had no idea that I was human. All existence had faded out. And in my mind’s eye, I saw something like this.

It looked similar, just 8 million times brighter, more complex, and more fluid.

It looked similar, just 8 million times brighter, more complex, and more fluid.

Take the brightest gold, the richest red, the most stunning orange and combine it with the deepest blue. Place them mathematically into a perfect, sacred, geometric arrangement and then race all the lines, all the colours, and all the lights into the centre. Multiply and repeat by infinity.

I could not make sense of what that was, or what that meant. I didn’t even know who, or what I was. But what I felt, was ultimate bliss. I’ve never been so comfortable, so happy, so safe, so protected, so divine, all at the same time. Try to remember your most explosive orgasm. Right, now take that, multiply by say… 600 times, and run it through your entire body, mind, soul, and consciousness. Yea, that would come a little closer to what I was feeling.

What occurred to me, was that this absolute nothingness that I was experiencing, was a glimpse into the infinite zero that was present before creation, before the big bang, before anything, even time, started existing. Matter did not matter, everything that existed was mere energy, constantly flowing, yet creating nothing except a unending, unchanging divine bliss and purity.

I realised that I was staring straight into the face of god. Because if there was a god, this was it. No dude with a big beard, no Shiva, no Vishnu, no nothing. Just pure energy, a bliss without beginning nor end. No, it did not have an individual consciousness. God, and what I saw, was a holy, collective intelligence that was unchanging. For the lack of a better description, it was everything in its most infinite, to the power of infinity.

This was the universe before the universe. Nothing and everything at the same time. No matter, no particles, only pure energy.

“Kai, Kai! Can you stand up? You’ve been lying on the sand for a while now,” What voice is that? I had no concept of words, nor could I understand what human existence was.

“Kai, drink some water. Can you open your eyes?” I started to make out the words, and I slowly come to understand that it was a female voice.

Who were these people? Why were they trying to get me out of my ultimate bliss? Did they have an ulterior motive? I was sceptical. Why would anyone want to “wake up” from being at one with god? I was perfectly awake. I have seen god. Everyone else should be the ones waking up. 

“Kai, come, walk a little.” I felt arms under my armpits, holding me up. But I still couldn’t understand that I was a being with a physical body. I was pure spirit.

I was battling with myself on whether to “open my eyes” or “wake up”, or to stay in this state of pure ecstasy. If nothingness was so perfect, why should we exist in physical form?

“Kai, come, open your eyes. Here’s some water on your forehead.” I did so, as if out of an auto-reflex, listening and obeying a motherly, assuring voice that told me that it was safe to try opening my eyes, and to see what possibilities could occur if I did.

And through the slits of light that now seeped into my senses, I saw a female figure, an all loving, kind, and omniscient being. Only one definition came to my mind – Goddess.

Her eyes shone on mine like a mother’s gaze upon her beloved new-born, her smile told me that no matter what happened, I am safe by her side. The glow that emitted from her entire silhouette was a bright gold and white, and her voice echoed into the outer abyss of space, telling me everything would be fine.  

“Goddess, tell me what to do. Should I come into existence? Or should I stay in infinity?”


I didn’t know what she answered me. But I knew what she wanted me to do. To wake up. 

I felt a lot of pressure on my shoulders. It felt as if I alone could breathe the universes into existence, and I had the power to begin time. When I think about it again, it kinda makes sense. I mean, our entire experience of the world as we know it is a mere perception, and at that point, I could either choose to begin to perceive, which would bring my entire universe into matter form, or not, which would allow me to remain in the divine stasis.

Should I stay or should I go?

It was too nice to leave. But at the same time, nothingness was nothingness. Without creation, there aren’t any possibilities. It was only bliss bliss bliss bliss bliss bliss bliss. No humans, no plants, no animals, no planets, no stars, no me. Only a sacred blueprint of the entire reality, the perfect geometric template. What good is a template without the building? What good is nothingness if there isn’t something to appreciate it?  

I decided to exist. It holds a lot more possibilities. It holds for me friends, lovers, meaningful relationships, and a deep sense of wonderment for everything in the known, and unknown universes.

When I made this decision, I was immediately transported to an all-encompassing womb of Mother Universe, and I could hear my heart beating, alive, strong, ready to live. Layers of sound started to come back to my senses, the waves, the people, my friends calling my name, and finally, the familiar psytrance beat. I am ready.

The Goddess

The Goddess

I garnered all my strength and pushed all my senses out from the swallowing vacuum, and I took a giant gasp of fresh sea breeze. And my eyes opened. I am reborn. I exist.

It took me a while to realise how intense the entire experience was. I was brought back to the beginning of all existence. I was invited to witness the big bang. I was at the front row in the cinema of the miracle of creation. How? I didn’t know. Why? I didn’t understand either.

All I know is that I now believe that all existence is a miracle. The universes as we know them could’ve just as easily not come into being. The big bang could’ve just as easily not happen. And all of us, you and me, could’ve never known what life is.  

I have seen god. And it’s you, and me, and everyone, and every single particle, down to the last electron that ever saw the sun, or not. The next time you meet me, and if I utter the stereotypical “Namaste”, which translates to “I honour the god in you”, trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

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