Refugees welcome: Because my Mom taught me to help anyone who needs help

By Kai Teo

Refugees attempting to walk over 150 km from Rødby in Denmark to Malmö in Sweden. Photo: Bax Lindhardt/Scanpix

It’s fucking simple shit. A kid, covered in bruises, turns up at your doorstep crying. She’s hungry, cold, and ran away from home because Daddy’s beating her up. What would you say to her?

“Let’s see. Am I the first neighbour you’ve approached? Oh, you went downstairs first to Bob’s apartment? So he didn’t help you, screamed at you, and even threatened to send you back to your Daddy? Look little child, we have an agreement in the building. The first door that you knock on, is the apartment that you must seek help in. Even though Bob can sometimes be an asshole, I have to honour the agreement. Oh, and he makes you sleep in the bathroom? Horrible. Look, let me give you a cookie, then I’ll bring you to Bob’s dysfunctional alcoholic bachelor’s sweat pad ok?”

I say fuck this.

Since when is helping someone in need a “political” decision? We are all human beings, and my Mom taught me that when you see a fellow human being fall, you offer your hand immediately. She never told me that in the heartless societies that we have created, I might get arrested if I try to help a lost child reunite with his or her parents.

160,000 human beings. Forced out of their homes to travel to some stupid cold-ass dark-as-hell country that doesn’t speak their language, sometimes walking for over 300 kilometres, with just one desire: staying alive. And the “leaders” that we have voted in to serve us get to decide whether to help them or not?

“Oh no. My citizens voted me in and I have to honour my promise not to let too many immigrants in.” Well, my dear politician, your voters are assholes.

An important notice for our friends seeking refuge. Photo: Allt Åt Alla Malmö

When we were younger, the longest walk we ever did was from our white picket fences to the fucking ice cream van. And already, Mom was telling us not to talk to strangers along the way. If they offer us free candy, we were taught to tell them, “Sorry dude, I’m rich as fuck. I can buy my own Häagen Dazs.”

Today, we see children without homes, without a certain future, walking miles and miles with no food and water, to a destination they’ve never even heard of. And we have people spitting at them, trying to chase them out of their countries because they might pose a “social problem”? The only social problem I can see here is selfishness.

Citizens of the world, we don’t belong to a country, and neither does a country belong to us. Ownership of land is a myth, and borders, merely arbitrary administrative areas. As human beings who are concerned about the future of our children, and our children’s children, are we gonna teach them to be selfish pricks? Or are we gonna show them the true values of humanity: compassion, selflessness, unity, and love?

Dear EU, this is not a crisis. We are alright. We can drink one less beer a week to give one more meal to the hungry. This is a crisis for the refugees, and it’s a crisis every single second of their lives. They’re not coming to steal our jobs, they’re not coming to rob our kids, they’re not coming to increase our taxes. They’re coming to us, crying for help, simply to stay alive.

So that their children can play in the same playground as ours, instead of a heap of rubble. So that their parents can sit on a park bench feeding the same pigeons as ours, instead of cowering under a table for fear of an air raid.

Let’s wake the fuck up. This is the time to show that there’s hope for all of humanity. If the gigantic systems, or what some people like to call “governments”, are not helping, that’s none of our business. Civil servants are called civil servants for a reason. Whatever good we want to do, they should be empowering us to do that. The situation we see in front of us is simple: a friend is hungry, I’ll share my lunch.

Let’s show our children that one day, when they are the ones crying out for help, there will be people who will offer everything they have to see your children smile again, regardless of language, religion, skin colour or political beliefs.

Welcome to Malmö, Sweden! Photo: Allt Åt Alla Malmö

Neo Nazis, nationalists, and everyone who thinks that immigration should be “controlled”, trust us, one day, when your house is burning (no, this is not a threat, please), there’ll always be an immigrant ready to help pull you out of the flames. Love and compassion can’t be controlled. Human solidarity can’t be controlled. We’re built with this shit in us, because evolution has learnt that our species can’t survive without a closely connected community.

We’ve merely forgotten it.

Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest brought us this far. We were taught that the strong survive and the weak perish. We took this theory and used it to our individual gains. Our world has become a “me against you” kinda place. We’re always competing, and even when we learn how to cooperate, we’re competing against other teams.

Let’s open our eyes. On the larger scale of things, we’re all in the same team. It’s called Team Life. Only when we learn to live in perfect harmony with fellow humans, and the global ecosystem, will we stop being a virus to planet earth waiting to be wiped out by our own devices.

Let’s progress. Let’s learn to be better people. Let’s teach one another how to move forward together towards the next stage of human evolution.

Sure, not all refugees are good, honest people. Neither are your upper class neighbours. But that doesn’t mean our help is not needed. There are children too young to know what’s right and wrong, men too ignorant to understand what gender equality is, and women too uneducated to blur the lines of religion. But that doesn’t mean they’re not hungry.

Because all human beings understand gratitude. Even the biggest assholes know how not to be an asshole to the one prick that didn’t fuck it the wrong way. So let us stop being assholes for once, towards people whom we’ve never even met.

This is not a crisis. This is not a burden on our economies. This is not a political issue. This is a test of humanity. We’ve failed many times, let’s not fail this one.

Let’s help. Let’s donate what we can. Let’s volunteer at the refugee centres. To those who are demonstrating, we hear your voices. But don’t just demonstrate. Act. Simply because our mothers taught us to help anyone who needs help.

We’re all brothers and sisters. So our dear refugee friends, welcome home. 

Please contact your local refugee help centre to see how you can volunteer. Occasionally, our Facebook or Twitter page would also update you on the latest situation.