Want to stop evil big corporations? Stop paying them.

By: Kai Teo

If you’ve ever been part of a demonstration, you’d probably realise that a huge number of the so-called activist youths screaming “Fuck capitalism!” at the top of their lungs are also wearing stuff from Adidas, smoking Marlboros, and taking demonstration selfies with their iPhones.

Photo credits: nydailynews.com

Photo credits: nydailynews.com

“But we’re all victims of capitalism! They leave us with no other choice!”

Wrong answer. See, in today’s world, where we spend our money has become more important than where we cast our votes. Our demonstrations against the 1% don’t mean shit if we continue buying shit that they sell. Lobbyists would always have the power to influence politicians if we continue to shower them with our cash. And irresponsible corporations would carry on exploiting our fellow human beings if we continue getting turned on by their “everyday low prices”.

Photo credits: nytimes.com

Photo credits: nytimes.com

We are the ones empowering the capitalist system. We are the ones that the politicians actually have to appeal to, because they’re responsible for telling us what we want to hear. The world is blaming Donald Trump for being the sexist, racist little fucktard, but really, without the good American folks out there who wish to put him in power, he’s only as threatening as an obese ex-school-bully who’s now living off welfare. 

Big corporations really just want to maximise profit. So if we stop buying their shitty products and stop buying into their little lies that the Next Generation 360-HeatTech non-stick frying pan would help create a fulfilling family life, we’re one step closer to creating real change. Because when no one’s buying the products, no one would produce it. 

Want to protest against deforestation for palm oil production? Buy local. Eat unprocessed foods. Avoid these brands.

Who eats who? Click to enlarge.

Want to protest against animal testing? Go organic. And what’s “good” for your skin might actually be killing you. Whatever products you pay for, make sure they’re made ethically. 

Want to protest against slave labour? Buy from local designers. Buy 2nd-hand. Buy clothes made from fair-trade organic fabrics. 

Who wears who? Click to enlarge.

Want to help stop global warming? Eat less meat. Use less electricity. Drive less, bike or take public transport more. Or get an electric car. Install solar panels for your home. 

When we blame the big corporations and the governments for the state of the world today, we are effectively declaring that we are a powerless global population of 7 billion people. Let’s start recognising that the true power lies with us, everyday consumers. Don’t like how a certain corporation is behaving? Boycott its brands, and know that alternatives are plentiful. And help one another find better, healthier, more ethical options. The power belongs to the people, but we’ve somehow forgotten it and started victimising ourselves. 

So stop buying bullshit. And let’s start changing the world. 

And for fuck’s sake, don’t eat McDonald’s.

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