Je t’aime – The music might have stopped, but the rave never does

By: Kai Teo
Photographs: Pierre Chateau (click to view all pictures)

Event: Je t’aime – Alla Hjärtans Dans
Date: 13–14 Feb 2016
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Artistes: NickoLina, Dryad/Stormhatt, Jessi Ruffs med Snigel Gojs, Mikshali/Mokkasinoxo

It’s Valentine’s Day, a senseless occasion created to encourage senseless buying of senseless gifts. Couples walk down the streets hand-in-hand with overpriced rose bouquets, dine in posh restaurants with countless other couples, and present each other with big plush teddy bears. But for all those who didn’t give a fuck, there’s Je t’aime – Malmö’s own valentine’s day psytrance rave.

Here, we dance for the love of our music, the concern for humanity, and the celebration of life. Here, psytrance isn’t just an electronic music genre, it’s a channel for us to envision a beautiful, peaceful universe, and a stark reminder of where today’s society has gone wrong. Here, we are one tribe, and here, we are love.

I mean, I don’t mean to sound overly dramatic about stuff. There are, of course, people who just come to the party, get fucked face, and have a good time without thinking about too much. That’s cool too.

But there are also those who see their dance as an expression of freedom. Those who feel the heavy beats like they’re the pulse of the universe. Those who stomp like they’re stomping out against the injustices of today’s world. And today, I salute you.

I salute you because you’ve thrown away all your insecurities, and fear no judgement from others. You’re not afraid to look stupid. You’re not afraid to look like you‘ve just seen 32 galloping unicorns have an orgy on a cotton candy rainbow. You’re not afraid to laugh hysterically on the dance floor at what’s been going on in your head. You’re not afraid to sweat like a pig. You’re not afraid to go up to strangers and tell them you love them. The only thing you’re afraid of, is not dancing enough.

If you've seen this man, you know what I mean by true expression of freedom.

If you've seen this man, you know what I mean by true expression of freedom.

And when I see you on the dance floor, you are pure. And I know, that the world needs more people like you. You know who you are.

I salute the organisers, who have fought to keep the party going and the music pumping. You knew that tonight was important for all of us, and you were determined to see us dance till our legs give way and our minds give up. You understood that we were hungry, and you showed up on the dance floor with pastries to fuel our exhausted bodies. I salute you Anna and Chris.

Please, never stop fighting for your next party. You’ve started something beautiful, and we’ll help you keep it alive.


Our beautiful organisers Anna and Chris.

Our beautiful organisers Anna and Chris.

I salute our musicians, who took the fabrics of our mindscapes and twisted them so hard stars started oozing out of our ears. You opened our eyes to the deeper dimensions of sound. You helped us look across time and space even with our eyes closed. You created the most terrifying monsters in our heads and equipped us with the weapons to destroy them. You empowered us to become brave warriors. And we thank you.

So what’s next?

Our rockets have landed, our unicorns have gone home, and we’re “back in the real world”. We continue working in our shitty jobs, pleasing our shitty bosses, and wait for the next rave to once again escape into the utopia we believe in?

Maybe not.

Remember that evening, when the music peaked and the thunderous beat hit your face? In your mind, you saw millions of rainbow warriors tossing themselves into the air, screaming in pure joy, and embracing their love for the tribe. You saw the greatness of humanity, no judgement, no restrictions, no debt, no discrimination, no selfishness, no capitalism, only the purest love and respect for all sentient beings. We rave as one, we live as one, we are one.

"Friends who rave together stay together"

"Friends who rave together stay together"

The thing is, it’s not all gone to ashes when you open your eyes, or when you wake up the next day. What you saw wasn’t your imagination, it’s a vision of a possible future – a future where our children could dance freely on the streets with no fear of judgment, a future where every human being shares selflessly and loves freely, a future that’s up to us to create.

Once we’ve seen it, we have become part of it. Our rave is a revolution, and it begins in our hearts. We’ve all felt that something has gone wrong with our society, no matter how little, I know we’ve all felt it. And we have the power to build a better one. We can all start by living the way we hope all human beings would live. Be nice to everyone, genuinely care for all beings around us, or simply saying hi to a stranger.

The rave never ends, because it’s in our souls. Now let’s go out there today, and be fucking nice. Don’t let the everyday sorrows and shit of the world get us down. We are not just ravers, we are rainbow warriors. The responsibility is in our hands. And today, we declare that the love revolution is on. 

There has been an unfortunate case of vandalism at the party location, which belongs to someone else. As a gesture of solidarity, and to help out our organisers, Buddha Mag is raising 15 000 krs to help them with the cleaning fees. Of course, a receipt would be posted up to show the final costs. So let’s all help a little, 20 krs, 50 krs, whatever works. Simply click on the button below! Alternatively, you can swish me (Kai) at +46760604868 and every cent would be transferred to the organisers (and yes, you can trust me).

Help Chris and Anna Clean up the vandalism