Buddha Mag talks to Mollono.Bass about his new album Remix Collection III

By Kai Teo

If you’re looking for a remix album that “makes the original songs better”, we kindly suggest that you search elsewhere. Because that’s hardly the aim of Molle aka Mollono.Bass when he started out crafting this musical journey, featuring Remixes for Dole & Kom, Acid Pauli, Tagträumer2, Be Svendsen and many more.

In each of the tracks in Remix Collection III, Mollono.Bass has been truly fascinated by the original works. Whether it’s a voice, a melody, or groove, the remixes are made to highlight these little decibels of genius, and the exquisite touches of every artiste’s uniqueness.

It never came from this egoistic aim of making a better song. It sounded like he was honouring these other musicians with his own talents, while extending an irresistible invitation to the dance floor.

To us, it’s kinda like listening to a song we’ve already known, but on acid. “Oh, I never noticed this bit before.”, or “God, this little arpeggio here, is pure fucking genius!” Mollono.Bass’ remixes help create a deeper exploration of each track. If we had audio chakras, this album is the guided meditation that would open them as wide as the summer sky.

So, to find out more, Buddha Mag talked to Mollono.Bass:

With this album, what kind of trip would you like to take the listeners on?

I'd like to send them on a journey around the world... from East to West, exploring the sunny, peaceful side of things, stopping at the most beautiful places of this planet. I'd like to create some happiness in these crazy times. To do so, I try to lure my listeners on the dance floor, where they can experience these visions and emotions while dancing.

Why did you choose these artistes to remix? How are these tracks special to you?

Most of these artists are friends and part of our 3000° collective. I really enjoy what these guys are doing musically. Every track has a particular detail that fascinated me, and I just wanted to play around with it for a remix. Often it's a melody or a groove that got me hooked, sometimes it’s also a voice.

How much of your signature sound have you infused into these tracks?

Most of the tracks have my signature Mollono.Bass groove to them. I guess it’s... well, the basslines. Also, I really like catchiness and playing with melodies.

What's the toughest part of making this remix album? 

Some remixes are quite straightforward and it takes me 2–3 days to finish them. Then again, there're projects that seem to take forever, at some point I really feel like I'm stuck and going in circles. Sometimes I even have to start all over again... The remix for JPatterson was one of those projects, it took me a fairly long time to finish it.

What's the most enjoyable experience you've had while making this album?

Oh, it's always super fun when you work in studio with other people! The remix for 'Tagträumer' I did together with my good friend Mark Vogler – we've been producing together in various projects for a long time already. Whenever we meet in the studio, there're good times ahead.

When Mark recorded the melodica, he suddenly burst out laughing and just couldn't stop anymore – until today I have no idea why. However, it was recorded and we kept it as a part of that remix – which it is! You can hear it at the end of the track.

Keen to let Mollono.Bass take your mind on a round-the-world trip? Have a listen and buy this album, it's cheaper than Ryan Air, and the ride, I promise, would be more enjoyable.

CD: http://www.kompakt.fm/releases/remix_collection_3
Beatport: https://pro.beatport.com/release/mollono-bass-remix-collection-3/1725349

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