A DJ that doesn't use a macbook on stage – Exclusive interview with Italo Brutalo

By Kai Teo

When we discovered Italo Brutalo a few months back, we realised that we’ve actually found an audio time machine – one that promises to take us back to the days when we actually called from phone booths and everyone was wearing stuff with shoulder pads – the spacey days of the 80s.

It’s Atari getting disco pregnant and giving birth to an Italian child. And if you’re too young to have touched an Atari system, Italo Brutalo’s music is like Sailormoon driving a Transformers car to prom (hope this reference helps)

As we got to know him better, his heart-warming humility and his dedication to analogue systems impressed us more and more. If you didn’t know that DJs could go on stage without a Mac, you haven’t seen Italo Brutalo play.

Live at  Pfingst-Open-Air   Elektrogelände  stage. #nomacbook

Live at Pfingst-Open-Air Elektrogelände stage. #nomacbook

So, to help us all understand him better, Buddha Mag asked him a few questions.

In a short sentence, tell the world what Italo Brutalo is. 

Italo Brutalo is a unique universe that’s all about the feeling and idea of making music in the 80s – transformed into the 21st century.

Why 80s space disco? Where does the inspiration come from?

I love the way of production and the use of synths in the 80s. My inspiration comes from lots of different things: records, movies, cartoons, pictures and so on. Master of the Universe, M.A.S.K., Bud Spencer & Terence Hill´s Italo Western, Knight Rider, etc. 

What’s the most satisfying thing about making Italo music? 

You can do whatever you want. There is no “too cheezy“, “too obvious“, etc. Just do it. When there is something not that super clean just keep it. Wrong notes? Keep it.

What’s the best memory from playing for a live audience?

One of my best memory was 2 years ago when I played at “Le Sucre“ in Lyon, Laurent Garnier´s Club. The audience there was super open-minded and it was an amazing night where I played lots of old disco records.

What would you like to see on the dance floor?

More party, less smartphones.

What do you think is the most important quality as a musician? 

In my opinion, the most important quality is a certain feeling for music. Music theory is like mathematics. Everybody is able to learn and to study it, but not everybody is able to use it right.

Where’s your dream destination to play at?

To be honest I don't have a specific dream destination. I am seriously thinking about touring with a van all over Europe and play nearly everyday. Doesn’t matter if its a huge or small venue, high class or fucked up, indoor or festival. Just drive around and stop everywhere to play.

What can we look forward to in the next few months of Italo Brutalo?

Last week I did my first live act at a huge festival. I totally loved it although I was very nervous. You can imagine that I haven’t been using any computer or something like that on stage. Was very analogue. The plan is to play more live shows the next season.

To get a feel of what’s coming to a dance floor near you, we’d highly encourage (if we could force you to, we would) you to listen to Italo Brutalo’s exclusive mix for Buddha Radio.

And here are some links you should be clicking on instead of stupid click baits on Facebook:

Website: www.italobrutalo.com 
Bookings: italobrutalo@googlemail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/italobrutalo
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/italobrutalo
Twitter: www.twitter.com/italobrutalo
Instagram: www.instagram.com/italobrutalo

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