“I don’t go to any other festivals, except Norberg.” – An exclusive insight with Katja Lindeberg, humble 303 worker

By Kai Teo

When Buddha Mag first attended Norberg Festival 2 years ago, I had absolutely no clue about what was going on. It was so electronically experimental that I felt almost out of place and even came close to taking off my rainbow coloured sarongs and trade them for black, industrial overalls.

It was an experience unlike any other festival we’ve been to. It was not-at-all rowdy, no one was wearing bindis, and no one was selling drugs. These people snorted tunes and injected bass. And everyone was either a music connoisseur, a music producer, or both.

To have myself surrounded by throngs of talented creators of soundscapes was an intense jolt of inspiration to my heart, which only beat to Psytrance during those infantile days of my musical exploration.

This year, even though we’re unable to make it to Norberg’s old banana (Gamla Banan), we’d like to send our love to the festival by giving a shout-out to Katja Lindeberg, who’s here to tell us more about the Norberg industrial magic.

Katja Lindeberg, all dressed up for Norberg Festival 2016.

Katja Lindeberg, all dressed up for Norberg Festival 2016.

Hi Katja, what’s your role in Norberg Festival this year? What exactly do you do in that role?

My role… I got responsibility for the 303 stage together with a great team of likeminded hardworking stupid people. I've kind of had my "Norberg-upbringing" at the 303 stage, volunteering there for the last years.  

I feel very connected to this messy bipolar scene, and my job is basically to tie the strings between everything that our team wanna do there. More specifically I answer emails really slow and have manic plans :))

What do you think is the most beautiful thing about Norberg Festival?

The most beautiful thing is to listen to alien music in Mimer, smash your head into the walls of Kraftverk and wonder where you are at 303. That + being surrounded by socially awkward nerds who love music more than anything for days. Norberg is my home and safe haven.

How is Norberg different from the other festivals in Sweden?

I don't go to other festivals. I hate tents, I hate large crowds of intoxicated ppl, and I can't deal with feeling like I'm trapped in zombie land for days without having anything to do besides getting intoxicated. 

What are the most exciting acts that you are looking forward most to this year?

Amnesia Scanner and DJ MAYHEM

How would you convince someone who loves Way Out West to listen to experimental electronic music? 

I'd never convince anyone who wants to go to WOW to go to Norberg for example, and I'd never try to convince anyone to listen to music that they're not into or attracted by. I would send Zamilska's music to anyone though.

And about you, what’s your biggest inspiration behind your music?

The atmosphere of cities, machines and actually anything electronic. I’m not sure I've had specific artists as big inspiration before listening to Zamilska or Amnesia Scanner, and quite recently my friend and colleague Sissel Wincent. I think most music people make is really boring and predictable, it often lacks integrity or it's just too polished in order to fit the norm. I don't want my music to sound like that.  

What’s the weirdest shit you’ve seen at Norberg? Like, acts? Or even people freaking out? 

I don't know, when I'm at Norberg I'm in this completely other world which doesn't exist outside it and that makes everything there just seem normal. 

Any advice for first-time Norbergers?

Hmm.. say goodbye to your friends for a couple of hours and just walk around by yourself. No one will think you're weird. 

To see who's at Norberg Festival this year to blow your mind, check out their website at norbergfestival.com, or their Facebook page. And if you haven't bought tickets, you should really click here.

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