Here's why Mette Muhli, curator of Norberg Festival's art exhibition, is way deeper than you are.

By Kai Teo

In the previous episode of NORBERG ADVENTURES, Buddha Mag has covered Katja Lindeberg's personal account of why Norberg Festival is probably cooler than you and your cat, combined. When the festival actually begins tomorrow, there's fuck loads more to look forward to, and a whole lot more talent to expect. 

This year, there's also an art exhibition that promises to be cooler than Berghain. It's called ANOTHER SPACE / ANOTHER PLACE. And we have invited superstar artist and curator, and reformed psytrance hippie, Mette Muhli, to tell us more about why she doesn't like psytrance anymore.

Work in progress! Here's  The Lab by Isabella Asp Onsjö .

Work in progress! Here's The Lab by Isabella Asp Onsjö.

As a curator for ANOTHER SPACE / ANOTHER PLACE, what exactly do you do?

Well, my role is to put together a visual arts programme for the festival to add another dimension to it, but also to lure the visitors the get lost in the hidden spaces of Mimerlaven.

I've been trying to find new artistries with an interesting approach to contemporary art and handicraft, that goes well with the festival and the amazing historical site it's situated at. I work so that the different expressions interact and that the visitor can find a common thread throughout the exhibition.

What’s the concept for ANOTHER SPACE / ANOTHER PLACE?

Through various site specific works the exhibition ANOTHER SPACE / ANOTHER PLACE challenges the image of our time and discusses issues concerning place, identity and visions of a possible future. Norberg is an industrial community in flux, affected by the 80’s industrial shutdowns, while new habitants now resettle and the population increases again. Our time, the history of the region and the unique atmosphere at the Mimerlaven mining facility creates the foundation for this year’s exhibition themes — post-industrialism, centralisation/decentralisation and utopias. Who are we in a post-industrial society and how little is required to reach a utopia?

Describe the exhibition concept to someone you’ve bumped into at the bus stop.

It's a cool site specific art exhibition with a strong contextuality and materiality. The different installations raise question about our time and the future, but will also surprise and involve the visitor.

Give us a little teaser of what we’ll be seeing this year at ANOTHER SPACE / ANOTHER PLACE?

The Lab is an interactive labyrinth like installation that gives new life to discarded material and allows new meetings. Mono no Aware consists of old school apparatus projecting images created using materials specific to the history of Mimerlaven, as a nice contrast to all the high tech gear. 

What do you think is the purpose of modern art, and how would you separate good works from just random stuff?

I think art in general is important to help us understand our world and everyone around us, and to make us more curious. I would say all art, bad or good, has a purpose. To be able to express oneself could be a life saver! Even random art can appeal to someone. Just look around you and you will find great artists, maybe just not yet discovered. That's what I am doing.

And about you, besides being the curator here, what else are you into?

I like mixing different fields, I think Norbergfestival is a great example where music, visual arts and cultural history coexist in a beautiful way. I think my great interest in electronic music started for real back in the late 90's when I arranged psytrance parties in the deep forests of Värmland.

I recently graduated with a bachelor in Art History and Visual Studies including Curatorial Studies and I have a background in photography. I work part time at Borås Museum of Modern Art and I'm currently looking for more job opportunities!

Parting words to get us really excited for ANOTHER SPACE / ANOTHER PLACE?

We will present an exhibition that has carefully taken the beautiful architecture and spaces in consideration and that will make the festival more interesting and exciting!

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