What is Mr.What? – Exclusive interview with Israeli DJ and producer Mr.What?

By Kai Teo
Cover picture by Helen Guedes

Imagine spiritually charged giant robots chanting mantras on the dancefloor while shooting laser beams that would cleanse our restless, bouncing souls. Got that? Yes, then we’re one step closer to understanding the latest brainchild of Mr.What?, “27” recently released under Iboga Records. Buddha Mag had a good listen, and we fucking loved it.

Also known as Liran Ackerman, Mr.What?’s artiste name is actually quite funny to for us to say out loud. It’s like we’re asking questions all the time. So yea, we decided to, and here’s what he’s got to say.

Mr.What?'s debut album "27" is now available at  Beatport

Mr.What?'s debut album "27" is now available at Beatport

Hi Liran, what is Mr.What? And what’s the significance of your artiste name?

Mr.What? is about asking questions – About life, about our meaning. Who are we? What are we doing here? What is our true meaning and purpose in our lifetime here on planet earth?

Through my creation in music, I’m trying to tell a story and look for answers for these questions.

In a short sentence, how would you describe your latest album, 27? Why 27?

27 is my guide through life. It appears all over and it took me through my journey in life for this moment, where I’m releasing my debut album under the same name. 27 is everywhere and nowhere – it is an energy, memories and the path that I took through my life with its endless possibilities of different experiences.

What’s the Mr.What? signature sound and vibe? Like, how would you differentiate yourself from the other progressive psy artistes?

When I’m creating my music, I’m trying to tell a story, to be dynamic, to let the dancefloor fly into a journey. It is super important for me to let the people feel my thoughts and feel the actual “me” inside my music and through my sounds.

What’s the best memory of producing this album?

The best memory of creating this album is when I finished organizing the album tracks and decided on the tracklist. It was then I got the amazing cover design made by the most talented woman on earth Netaly Reshef. It was at the end of this journey that I realized my real journey had just begun.

When you’re not making music, what’s life like?

My whole life is music.

When I’m not creating as Mr.What? I’m creating together with Netaly Reshef (my love) on our new electronic project "Lost & Sound", which is a combination of Divine Vocals through Electronic Beats, traveling through mix of genres > Techno - Deep House - Ambient - DownTempo & Trip Hop. I’m also teaching kids how to be a DJ in private courses.

How do you feel about the psytrance scene in Israel? What’s the secret that makes Israeli artistes so famous throughout the world?

I think that the scene in Israel is one of the most influential and important in the world. I don’t know how it happened but I can tell you that Israel is a trance superpower. Maybe it’s because we have the best Hummus in the world?  

Where can Europe see you playing next? How do you feel about this next gig?

Just got back from a mini tour in Spain, France and Switzerland. Next spot is Budapest at a private party. Then you’ll be able to catch me in Mexico on a wild tour.

Any last words for our dancers and psychonauts?

Wishing you the best festival season, get into 27 mode and stay tuned for new music of Mr.What?, which is coming out very soon with Iboga Records.

To get more of Mr.What?, here are some links to click on:
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Beatport: beatport.com/release/27/1732397

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