Midnight Sun Festival 2016 Minimag

Midnight Sun Festival 2016

Probably the most scenic festival on the planet

Welcome to the land of the Nordic gods. Here, you will feel the might of Mother Nature as she crafts magnificent rock formations, scenic beaches and awe-inspiring oceans. Here, you will see the immense beauty of our planet and experience the powers of the elements. It is here you'd be invited to witness the miracles of the cosmos with a sun that never sets – Welcome to Midnight Sun Festival 2016.

"If the listener is prepared to open up, there're treasures to be found," Marcus Henriksson

Cquence @ Midnight Sun Festival 2016

Listen to Cquence's DJ Set from Sun Observatory Stage on Buddha Radio

Bench of the gods

Nominated "Best Bench in the World" by Buddha Mag's Instagram project "We Review Benches"

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