"Twisted-Desert-Circus-Shamanic-Cowboy-Techno" – Be Svendsen's exclusive interview

By Kai Teo

When I first heard the unique sounds of Copenhagen-based DJ and producer Be Svendsen, I somehow knew that like his tracks, he was someone who never gave much of a shit about senseless rules. And when he could cross boundaries of any nature, he would – all in the name of good fun. 

That’s why his music can’t really be put into a genre. And to ignorantly classify it as merely “Techno” would be like bringing a Funktion One Surround Sound System down from its mighty pedestal and dismiss it as “some speakers”. Yes, every one of his tracks require #atleast5hastags to actually come closer to packaging it into a category.

So being on the crowded, sweaty dance floor whenever Be Svendsen is behind the decks has always been a delirious indulgence in the pleasures of the senses. It’s sensual, naughty, spiritual, joyful, and reflective, all in the same beat – and fucking addictive.

So join us today as Buddha Mag jumps inside his whimsical psychedelic circus, and get a better understanding of what goes on in the ringmaster’s brain.

Daily foot massages might just be the key to making great music.

Daily foot massages might just be the key to making great music.

Hello Lasse, what made you decide to start making music?

No decision of that nature was really ever made. More a pull and drive towards exploring, conveying and expressing atmospheres and feelings. 

Your creations have always been difficult to put in a genre, aside from what I would call “psychedelic cowboy circus”. But if you were to describe your own music, how would you do it in one short sentence?


Your fans must have noticed your change in direction towards your sound, what inspired the transition into a more spiritual Be Svendsen?

So you find the new material more spiritual? What defines spiritual music?

The music has definitely become slower and deeper lately. The changes in style and areas of exploration, are not really conscious decisions. It’s happening naturally over time.  Of course, influence and inspiration along one’s way is affecting the next output, but once in the laboratory, things flow by themselves, and a extended sequence of choices and decision making according to the inner navigation center, will bring about what is to become the finished track. 

What’s most important to you when it comes to making music?

Focus, and plenty of time to dive in, undisturbed, so the ideas start to flow naturally and unforced. General good health, mood and a good portion of humor are essential too.  

What did you think of your gig at Distortion 2016? How did you feel about it?

Distortion festival in Copenhagen was the first time I tested a bunch of new material. This summer’s set is much slower and deeper than what you’ve heard from me before, so it was an interesting night, and a new experience for me too. People were very open and curious. I only play in my hometown a few times a year, so it was special to feel such a strong support and open curiosity from the crowd. 

What can listeners expect from Be Svendsen in the near future? What should we be looking forward to?

The remix I’ve done for Oceanvs Orientalis is out now on BAR25.

I’m starting my own label now, together with a bunch of close loved ones, so you can expect more releases from now. The first release will be a Be Svendsen track called "Twilight In Tankwa", with remixes by Nico Stojan, and a few other legends that I’m not supposed to mention at this time. I was in NYC working on a few new eclectic edits - new direction again – and was invited to Burning Man, where I have got some very interesting gigs. If all goes well, new fresh sets will be up online shortly.

Get your own copy of Oceanvs Orientalis' Tarlabasi (Be Svendsen Remix) here.

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