Infographic shows how much of a miracle your existence is

By Kai Teo
Cover image from Photo HD

You are almost impossible

What we understand about our universe is only the tip of the cosmic iceberg. Yet, we make new discoveries in space everyday – humbling discoveries that dwarf our lives, our jobs, and our complaints. But when we look within ourselves, through the eyes of Science, meditation, or psychedelics, our inner universes also seem infinitely vast and wondrous.

Fractals, the self-similar mathematic pattern that our universe is built according to, can be zoomed in or out infinitely. The branches that filter the sunshine as it hits our faces in a warm summer afternoon have been created with exactly the same blueprint as the veins and blood vessels that run through our entire bodies. 

Dr. Ali Binazir, author of "The Tao of Dating" and "Should I go to medical school?" uses beautiful statistics to help us understand just how tiny the odds are for us even existing, helping us see that us being alive right now, is already the miracle of all miracles.


So go on, celebrate!

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