Love milk? New Swedish research suggests that you might die early

By: Kai Teo
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Source: Got Milk? campaign by Milk Processor Education Program

Source: Got Milk? campaign by Milk Processor Education Program

Everyone in our generation has heard the arguments regarding the benefits of milk. "It gives you stronger bones", "You grow bigger, faster, and better", "It's got all the nutrients you need". 

Well, brace yourself. All that was a lie. 

According to researchers at Uppsala University and Karolinska Institutet of Sweden, not only may milk consumption lead to a higher risk of fractures, their studies have also suggested that regular milk drinking may actually reduce your life expectancy, reports SVT Nyheter, Sweden's largest news network. Simply put, drinking more milk might kill you early.

Published on 10 Feb 2017 in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the research studied over 106,000 middle-aged and older women and men in Sweden and their milk consumption habits. 

So why? A possible culprit is D-galactose, a compound that lactose is broken down into. "D-galactose given to laboratory animals (mice, rats, and drosophila flies) is an established experimental model for premature aging, including shortened life span caused by oxidative stress and chronic inflammation." 

The study also showed that eating fruits and vegetables didn't help reverse or reduce the effects of milk on the subjects. What about cheese? And yogurt? Well, the good news is, the research has shown that fermented dairy products are not as harmful as milk. So a pizza once in a while should be rather safe.

Healthy and tasty substitutes of milk that can be easily found in your local supermarket include oat milk, soya milk, rice milk, and almond milk. Perhaps it's time to make the switch?

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