Andra Vaerlden Gathering 2017 Minimag


Many have once said that a festival is like a refreshing escape into another world, but here at Andra Vaerlden Gathering 2017, the spirit here feels like one that is determined to build a better one. And it is with this mindset that we let this festival begin our lifelong journey to helping to make the world a more liveable place for all living beings.

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TantRut –

Bounce with us spiritually with the hynotising sounds of TantRut, the opening artist at Andra Vaerlden Gathering 2017. Let the penetrating bass infiltrate your senses and allow his soothing tones to awaken your senses to pure joy and indulgence.

Henrii Havaas –

Serenading the Sunday chillout floor with her pulsing bass and Nordic shamanic vibes, Henrii's sets not only give the tired minds a safe refuge, it injects an unmistakeable sense of hope and healing with every decibel that the speakers send out.

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