7 Chakras Festival – Perfect end to the festival season, perfect beginning to our next adventures

Family! Photo by  Vongola Quarta

Family! Photo by Vongola Quarta

Every summer, many of our friends, our pirates, our healers, our musicians, embark on a four-month-long European tour around different festivals sharing our crafts and our passions. Beginning in May, we come together week after week and stomp the dance floors, feel our unity, and inspire one another through everything we’re doing. 

Then after each festival, we hitchhike, jump into random vans, and follow the flow of the pirates to another week of madness. This summer, while I was going around the different festivals presenting my new book, I feel truly honoured and blessed to have met and travelled with artisans who live day by day, sometimes surviving on bare minimum, and yet truly open to share whatever they have.

By the end of August, after twisting our minds and travelling numerous different dimensions, we all kinda want one last festival to mark the end of our summer – one last big boom boom for all of us to come together once again to remind ourselves how beautiful our psychedelic tribe is, and to wish each other well on our next adventures. 

Welcome to 7 Chakras Festival. This is our departure hall before we all go on our own little love revolutions – a gathering where we start making future plans and plan our next projects with other freaks, where we bid goodbye to the dusty dance floors and waltz our way into the wild wild world. 

Ready? Nice. Come, take a walk with me. But first, let’s take an all-natural shower at the waterfall. Fuck yes, of course there’s a waterfall here. I mean, it’s not Niagara or something, but on a scorching hot day like this, getting flushed by the refreshing water is the best thing you could do for yourself. Get all your clothes off, we are hippies, look around you, nobody’s perving around. This is the perfect spot for the pirate stalls as well, far away from the music, and sheltered by the towering trees. We could easily spend an entire afternoon here frolicking in the water.

Cleanse your soul at the waterfall. Photo by  Sara Vasseghi Photography

Cleanse your soul at the waterfall. Photo by Sara Vasseghi Photography

And forget the towel too. You’ll get all dry in a matter of minutes. Look at you, you’re like a new person now. Right, say hello to our friendly security guys, they’re quite chatty. Right up this hill is a little café, shall we grab a beer before we continue? Cheers!

You see, here at 7 Chakras, many of us have already bumped into one another at some point during this summer. And everyone’s already had their hearts and minds opened by all the other festivals, so here’s one place you can really go up to just about anyone and start having an engaging conversation about life and all. But also, here’s one festival where most of us have somehow integrated our spiritual practice into our everyday lives, so there’s not so many of the “look at me, I am a guru” kinda spiritual seekers running around. We’re just here to be nice and kind. 

A picture with the legends:  Carlo Taglia ,  Govinda , and  Antonio Di Guida

A picture with the legends: Carlo Taglia, Govinda, and Antonio Di Guida

What’s incredibly beautiful here, is that small-time artists, jewellery makers, clothes designers, are all allowed to put up their pirate stalls all around, yes, without having to pay a fee. That’s because the organisers understand that’s how we survive, and this little bit of support contributes to a more vibrant, creative vibe of the festival. The official shops don’t complain about us too, simply because they too, understand that many of their businesses started as a tiny street stall too. And of course, we all kinda know each other from travelling and stuff, so there’s no drama, only love. 

Here’s the healing area, it’s like a cosy haven somehow isolated from the chaos of the 180 bpm dance floor. Just being here already makes me feel recharged and calm. Let’s see, today, there’s yoga, kirtan, massage and wait… There’s a sweat lodge too! Now this feels like a proper spiritual spa. Trust me, you’ll appreciate it after ten hours stomping the ground and talking to entities. 

The workshop space here is kinda like a school where you can come to attend lectures about spirituality, travelling, music creation, sustainable living and all that important stuff you don’t actually learn in school. So there’s really loads to do in such a small area. I’m really grateful we don’t have to walk 20 minutes just to get around the different areas. 

The two dance floors are pure full power. Main stage is 100% boom boom boom wor wor wor boom boom boom, and the alternative stage has all kinds of other genres and live music. So you’ll never get bored. 

Right, you gonna go to the front of the speakers? I think Govinda is playing now. Go go go! Dance double for me, I’ll join you later. 

It’s my first time at 7 Chakras, thanks to my brother Carlo Taglia, better known as Vagamondo, who recommended me to come here to give a lecture. And what an honour! This really feels like a family party where everyone knows everyone, everyone’s kinda tired of getting totally fucked up off all kinds of substances, and most of these freaks have been in the psychedelic scene for many years and don’t feel the need to experiment too much with psychoactive stuff. So this is one festival I haven’t seen anyone run around naked and scream about aliens and Jesus and the illuminati and everything.

My little lecture and presentation of  The Universe and I Walked into the Bar

My little lecture and presentation of The Universe and I Walked into the Bar

But really, what’s most striking and memorable about 7 Chakras, is the feeling that this whole festival is our home, and everyone is truly family. Not being cheesy, but I couldn’t help but feel everyone is being so supportive of everyone else’s passion and art. If they had money, they would buy your shit, if they didn’t, they’d bring something to exchange it with. And I feel so safe I could easily jump into anyone’s car to the next destination and trust that they would take care of me. 

To me, this is spirituality in practice – through kindness, compassion, and being real about it. And 7 Chakras is the gathering place for down-to-earth yogis, beer-drinking crystal healers, no-ego world class musicians, and eager-to-learn lovers. It’s maturity, and it’s what I feel more festivals can aspire to grow into. As I write this article in cold, cold Sweden, I can feel my heart warm up as I look back at the wonderful times I shared with fantastic human beings during this festival. 

Thank you to everyone who made this festival possible. You will forever be in my heart, and I will serve this community humbly with all that I have. 


Seeya next year beautiful humans! Photo by  Vongola Quarta

Seeya next year beautiful humans! Photo by Vongola Quarta

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