Huéznar Festival 2019 – Let’s Help Open Humanity’s Third Eye

Huéznar Festival 2019
5–10 June, Batán de las Monjas, Spain
Article by Kai Teo
Photos by Kadri Nicola | Instagram: @kadri_nicola_s_imagination | Website: Click here

“To get to Huéznar, take the shuttle, walk past the Guardian, and open your third eye.”


To be greeted by such a sign at the ticket office, I already knew that this festival could be one filled with a heart full of soul, and souls full of love. I stared out the window into the rolling hills and the swaying trees, as the other festival freaks in the shuttle bus sang along to the “The Greatest Flamenco Hits of El Rocio” at the top of their lungs.  

I alighted the shuttle and quickly found myself following the winding forest path, I greeted the Guardian, a hand crafted dragon that stood firmly on its ground while gently allowing the festival visitors to walk past its watchful eyes. I didn’t get eaten. So I continued along the forest trail and it led me to a bridge across a beautiful stream. Once the bridge is crossed, we’ll be in Neverland. And there’s a chance we’ll not make it out ever again. Let’s go.

160 beats per minute from the main Dance Portal brought my heart rate up to speed. Amidst the massive stage decor that constantly bloomed like giant psychedelic flowers waving at the crowd, I saw a wave of flying dreadlocks caressing the hazy air. Hippie smiles filled the dance floor, along with humans who had temporarily transformed into little cute creatures jumping around and on top of one another. 

There was a refreshing absence of fist pumping, slick haired steroid-loving ravers in neon coloured T-shirts that say “Winners never sleep”. 


Instead, the gentle river flowing through the festival grounds seemed to have washed away all weird vibes, and weird cocaine macho boys. No heavy make up, no glitter face paint, no full body Adidas gear (ok, maybe one or two) either.

The air constantly smelled like change. Change was in the air, change was in our hearts, and change was in our consciousness. The whole vibe of Huéznar was bouncy, playful, sometimes even powerfully animalistic, but always gentle and flowy. More people were going, “I love your vibes” than “I am the king of the world”. Fucking beautiful. Not like there’s anything really wrong with someone tripping out and thinking that they are Gandalf or King Arthur, it’s just really the inflated egos that can be quite a turn off sometimes.

Many of us would wonder how psychedelic festivals vary so much from one another in terms of the vibes and their visitors. What Huéznar does perfectly well for its dancers and lovers is a beautiful lineup of great artistes that have played many years with love and no ego, and we could all hear it throughout the days and nights we were there. I think what truly made a difference though, was the intention of the festival organisers when they decided to start Huéznar. 

It’s about spreading the love, helping the world understand freedom, healing through music, and creating a selflessly sharing community. 


I think many of us would agree that at certain points during our experience of the festival, we must have felt the power of this intention. Huéznar was an amazing gathering of kindred souls wanting to make the world a nicer place, long-term travellers with only the best energies, and friends that we’ve yet to make a connection with.

Oh look, the cops are here. They like to call themselves Civil Guards, but let’s not kid ourselves, they’re neither civil, nor are they really guarding anything except the interests of politicians. The thing is, let us be reminded, that our brothers and sisters in uniforms are also victims of the senseless drug war, and an even more senseless system of control. They are not the enemy – humanity’s lack of love, compassion, and unity, is what we should be fighting against. Don’t hate the police, convince them to do something different. 

Our world is already divided enough, so let us be good examples, hide our stash well, and be nice. Let us not allow a uniform to dirty our minds with the concept of us and them. We are all one, let’s learn to really practise that. Go ahead, start a conversation like you would with someone on the dance floor, ask them about their families, their passions in life, their joyous moments. Maybe the cops might also start to realise that we’re not so different after all.

And that’s why we organise festivals, go on social media, and start up organic farms selling not-perfect-looking cucumbers. That’s why we get our psychiatrists to initiate new studies on what have been previously misunderstood as drugs, in order for the planet to once again recognise and reconnect with medicines that could treat the diseases of modern humankind. 

Let us all remember that the easiest way to fuck the system is to be kind. 


At Huéznar, we are 600 lovers and dancers with 600 different social circles, 600 different sets of parents and relatives. If we all decide to become nicer people after the heavy psychedelic experience that Saturday night (you know that moment when you saw the water glitter and you jumped in to reconnect with Mother Nature), we could make a powerful difference. 

A more beautiful human society does not happen overnight. We are all evolving, and if we can change one person’s mind about living life with compassion and sustainability, we have already started something unstoppable. 

Thank you Huéznar for setting the stage for us to once again gather our forces, our love army, and our energies. Our minds may be mangled, our bodies may be bruised and sore, but our hearts are now blazing with the flame of good vibes and world change. May we all keep this fire burning strong by always reminding ourselves that we’re here to love and help this planet have a great time. 

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