Why do we exist? The Million Dollar Question I Asked the Universe.

Chapter 8 of Kai’s latest book – The Universe and I Walked into a Bar, available for purchase now.

The blueprint of the Universe.

The blueprint of the Universe.

Ah ha, the million dollar question. Of course it is the first question that popped up in my mind. For the longest time, humanity’s prophets and philosophers and religious leaders have all been trying to crack this question. And so far, we’ve gotten answers like “God created us because He loves us”, or the atheistic “We’re just a random bunch of particles that collided and caused the Big Bang, and billions of years of evolution later, we’re here.” 

I kinda felt that we’ve never really gotten a satisfactory answer. And I really wanted one. So I asked. 

“You’ve met me before, do you remember? A few years ago in Goa? I showed you the entrance but you never walked through. Simply because it wasn’t your time yet, and you didn’t even know that it was an entrance for you to walk into.

During that time, you felt infinite bliss, infinite joy, and infinite peace, didn’t you? That was you staring at my face, or the blueprint of the matter Universe, the mandala, the Aum , the emptiness of everything, and the fullness of nothing.

At some point, you got bored because nothing was happening, didn’t you? In your own words, no life, no animals, no friendship, no romance, no trees, no oceans, no music, no art. The nothingness has everything in there, but still, it was nothing. And when you got bored, you came out from the trip and all you desired was once again returned to your existence.”

Yes, that time, when I decided to come out from the state of bliss, I actually saw myself (in my head), coming out of a womb and being reborn into the arms of all my friends.

“What you felt was what I felt. I wanted experience, I wanted an infinite unique number of ways to experience myself. That’s why I manifested myself into all the galaxies, all the milky ways, all the life, all the aliens, all the beings in all of existence. For an experience.”

So there are aliens? 

“Of course there are aliens. But as you’ve written, there’s a whole bunch of them you can’t even detect with your five senses. You could be staring at one right now and you wouldn’t even know it’s there. There’s definitely stuff that you can also see and hear, but whether they are trying to make contact with humans is up to them.”

What do you mean up to them? Aren’t you the Universe. Aren’t you them, too?

“Yes, yes. Now let’s talk about your free will. I had a blueprint I put into place. The blueprint gave birth to all the planets and the multiverses you can see and not see, and those you don’t even know existed. Why the blueprint? Yes, so that things will work in such a way that allows life and non-life to flourish, evolve, and spawn, creating even more unique experiences for me. I can’t have planets exploding all the time into nothingness again right?”

“So for me to have infinite unique experiences of myself, I also had to put some limits on how much I was inside the heads of each and every one of you. In essence, I am you, but the limits I’ve put for myself is to be a mere observer in your life. Simply because if I was also thinking for you, everyone would think the same and we would all have the same experience on earth. Very boring for me. 

“And the limits I’ve put on you humans? Your brain that is smart enough to know that you are me and I am you and we are all one, but not smart enough to once again become me. Yes, if not we’ll all go back to the same old single, common experience of life. Again, kinda boring.

The unique fingerprint of the galaxies.

The unique fingerprint of the galaxies.

“That’s why every animal, every human, every grain of sand, every snowflake, is unique. Sure, you wouldn’t tell a grain of sand from another, even with your most advanced technology. But the experience of each sand grain is different. They’re on a different position on the beach, no matter how small. They’re washed by the waves and tumble around differently.

“Even every moment is a unique experience for me. At this very moment, while you are sitting here listening to this word, a child is picking up a rock on his way to school in a rural village in China, a red car with the number plate QZ 4523 is driving past the main square in Gothenburg, oh, and a leaf just fell from a particular tree in Gambia.

The combination of all these events all across the universe at this very instant, is unique. They have never happened before, and chances are, they will never happen again. Every moment is special, and when you truly learn to appreciate the Now, you will celebrate every single split second of your existence. That’s a pretty good way to live. And that, is why everything exists – a unique experience.”

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