Rainbow Warrior Handbook – E-book

Rainbow Warrior Handbook – E-book


Rainbow Warrior Handbook By Kai Teo – The Underground Guide to the Psychedelic Revolution

“Awareness, inspiration and irony; a deep and electrifying trip into consciousness!’ – Carlo Taglia, author of Vagamondo: Around the World Without Flying

What happens when we drop acid? What goes through our heads? What do we experience?

Welcome to the psychedelic multiverse. Get an insight into how psychedelics can unlock the full potential of our brains and our existence. And see why these “illegal’ substances are making a big comeback in psychiatry as well as the underground scenes. let the Rainbow Warriors pry away the myths and misconceptions of psychedelics, and come explore the multicoloured future with your fellow psychonauts.

Right now, Buddha Mag no longer stocks the first print edition of the book. I am now planning the next steps for this book, and maybe we’ll be seeing a new title soon!

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