International Women's Day 2014 – Two-way poem "We are women"

We are women. That is all.

We’re mothers, daughters and sisters to all.

Today we declare that

We are second to men.

No one can ever say that

We are powerful, we are strong.

Because we know

We’re the weaker sex.

And we deny that

We need to fight for women’s rights.

For every day and every night

We’re supposed to serve the man right.

We damn the dumb rule of thumb that

We should all be equal in the eyes of god.

The fact is,

Eve was created out of Adam’s rib.

We don’t believe that

The bible was wrong.

It’s obvious that

A woman should always have a man.

It’s stupid to think

We are independent, we are strong.

Today we declare

Things will never change.

Unless we women put sexism to a stop,

And read this poem from bottom to top.