Malmö Share: The Money Can Project

In collaboration with botanic artist Linn Petersson

Got money? Put some in the can. Need money? Take some from here.

Money does make the world go round, however unfortunate that is. Those who say that money is not important are those who have never been poor. The streets of Malmö, and many other cities in the world, are home to many who simply can’t afford a shelter over their heads and food in their stomachs.

Buddha Mag hopes to give a little help, and give our poor a little warmth in their hearts as summer draws to a close.

Today, we introduce Malmö Share: The Money Can Project.

It’s simple. We have put up 8 installation pieces, artfully crafted by botanic artist Linn Petersson, around different spots in Malmö. Each installation contains a prominently displayed can, along with an instructional note, which everyone in Malmö can choose to leave money in, or to take money out.

Many would argue that the beggars would use the money for drugs or alcohol and refuse to give. Or some think that they're on a safe path to heaven just because they donate monthly to the Red Cross via auto-giro. That's up to you.

But really, being financially better off does not give us the right to decide what others should spend their money on. Money is money, and it helps, whatever it's been spent on. And before we equip our city's beggars with credit card readers (which might be Buddha Mag's next project), cash is still king on the streets.

Every installation has been individually designed and painstakingly handcrafted over the past 2 months. We didn't want it to be just a simple can, we want them to highlight the fact that the act of sharing is beautiful, and not something to be overlooked, just like the many times we have walked past the ragged man sitting on the street corner without batting an eyelid. When each installation is seen as art, maybe the busy commuters would finally stop, even for 2 seconds.

A month and a half after the cans have been installed, they have all been taken down for various reasons (stolen, removed by authorities, destroyed). We hope to be able to continue this project in other cities and are in the midst of talking to other artists about this. 

So let's share a little cash, and spread a little love.

Can #1: Södervärn (outside Pressbyrån)

Day 0 (9 Sep '14) – Installed

Day 5 (14 Sep '14) – Present, can has been used by homeless everyday.

Day 7 (16 Sep '14) – Installation present. Can's gone though. We're thinking people have decided that the can's gonna magically produce money and kept it for themselves.

Can #2: Möllan (outside Nyhavn)

Day 0 (9 Sep '14) – Installed

Day 1 (10 Sep '14) – Stolen or discarded. Yes. We will come up with a story titled "The Adventures of Box #2" soon.

Day 5 (14 Sep '14) – Whereabouts still unknown. Witnesses please contact us.

Can #3: Folkets Park (outside Moriskan)

Day 0 (9 Sep '14) – Installed

Day 5 (14 Sep '14) – More than 20 krs have been found in the can.

Day 8 (17 Sep '14) – Sign was gone, but replaced shortly after (oh yea, efficiency). 6 krs in the can.

Can #4: Bike tunnel (near Lugnet's Netto)

Day 0 (9 Sep '14) – Installed

Day 1 (10 Sep '14) – Removed from tunnel by, possibly, evil people who were overly concerned with the safety of cyclists. Re-installed a few hours later on a tree beside the tunnel.

Day 5 (14 Sep '14) – Some coins found.

Day 7 (16 Sep '14) – Removed. Without a trace. Unsure about our faith in humanity.

Can #5: Gustav Adolfs Torg (near bus stops)

Day 0 (9 Sep '14) – Installed, 20 krs was donated by a kind old man.

Day 7 (16 Sep '14) – Installation and can present. The sign though, is gone. Which kinda explains why there's no money in there.

Can #6: Stortorget (tree near Wayne's Coffee)

Day 0 (9 Sep '14) – Installed

Day 7 (16 Sep '14) – Removed. Now we're really not sure what is happening, who's removing them, and where they've gone. If our stuff has been stolen because someone wants to keep the art for themselves, that's cool. It'll be pretty depressing if we find it in some trash can.

Can #7: Central Station (right outside Starfucks coffee, by the bus stops)

Day 0 (9 Sep '14) – Installed

Day 7 (16 Sep '14) – Still there! Oh yes. With 28 krs inside.

Day 8 (17 Sep '14) – 8 krs in the can. The fluctuating amount of cash in the can means it's been used well. Amen. Om. 

Can #8: Västra Hamnen (bench near Vespa restaurant)

Day 0 (9 Sep '14) – Installed, some rich people walked by and smiled

Day 7 (16 Sep '14) – Present, with 7 krs inside. A passerby, who lives nearby, walked pass and expressed her support while we were there. She told us that she checked it a few days ago and it had about 80 krs in the can, and said that she will help us check on the can and give us updates. Fuck yea.

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