Words Work: Writing to help the homeless

Photos: Jack Lundgårdh

Buddha Mag is a non-profit online magazine that gives a shit about social issues such as homelessness and other important human concerns.

We're kinda poor too, but we want to help those who are not as financially able as us. So we'd leave the big donations to the big organisations, and stick to the small stuff that could actually go quite a long way. 

We've noticed quite a number of beggars in Malmö, and to be honest, they don't have very good PR and advertising skills that could help them improve their situation. So this time, we tried making more eye-catching and engaging signs for them, in hope of helping them get a little more money.

Note: Some of them did not want to be photographed, which is why it looks like we just placed the sign on a sidewalk and took the picture. 

A number of our readers have expressed concern that some of these beggars actually belong to crime syndicates. Even if that were true, it shouldn't stop us from giving them a smile, or a cup of coffee to warm their hearts.