Feed Malmö – Crowdfunding Falafels for the Homeless

Don't let our homeless go hungry!
Let's crowdfund them!

Malmö can be a tough place to be homeless. It's cold, it's windy, and most people don't even carry cash around, which makes begging super difficult. 

That's why Buddha Mag has decided that the beautiful people of Malmö can help spread some love and warmth in our city, by donating a falafel rulle (the most popular food in town) to the homeless. 

1 falafel, 2 times a week.

So here's the deal, when you help fund this project through Indiegogo, we will buy 50 falafel wraps at 25 krs (€2.70) each and deliver them to our homeless friends around the city, twice a week. Areas covered include: Central Station, Gågatan, Triangeln, Möllan, Södervärn, Värnhem, and Fristad. We'd keep going weekly until the money runs out, and then repeat (if you're nice)!


Over 30 days, we've raised 2700 SEK (266 EUR) and bought a total of 135 falafel rolls at 20 SEK each. We distributed them over 2 days on the streets and at the homeless settlement in Malmö. Even though we didn't hit our funding target, we hope that this would be a good start to our future projects for our homeless community. 

Total amount collected via indiegogo.com

Day 1: 35 Falafels, Day 2: 100 Falafels

So watch this space. We'll definitely be doing round 2 of this project soon. And we hope to get a lot of your support. Let's show the world what the Internet can do for the less financially able.

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