Jessica Larsson – The world-travelling Barbie

In collaboration with Liloo Kisha
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First day in Arambol, Goa, India.

First day in Arambol, Goa, India.

"I'm Jessica Larsson, a 21-year-old spiritual seeker from Stockholm, Sweden. My profile is a journey of my self discovery and spiritual enlightenment around the world. Love and light!"

Jessica Larsson was conceived after a drunken evening hanging out with a bunch of fresh-faced, wide-eyed travellers from Sweden who had come to India to "find themselves" and "discover the meaning of life". 

Truth is, many of these innocent, naive young people who have jumped head first into the combobulated world of chakras, meditation, tantric yoga, universal energy, shakti and shiva, have no idea what they're talking about. 

Our project is a parody of these new-aged enlightenment seekers, and serves as a reminder to the many more confused Gen-Y hippies that true enlightenment can't be found on some Facebook inspirational quote, under any Banyan tree, or inside a bottle of LSD. 

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