Ozorian Prophet 2018 – Rainbow Warrior

Daily Rainbow Warrior columns from Ozora Festival's daily printed newspaper (yes, there's a newspaper given out on festival grounds everyday during the whole week) – Ozorian Prophet.

By Kai Teo

Day 1 – Welcome home. Let’s rise to the calling of the Rainbow Warrior.

Photo credit:  Tony Butbika

Photo credit: Tony Butbika

My dearest sisters, brothers, and lovers. Let’s welcome ourselves and one another back to paradise. Let’s use Day One to set our intentions right for this festival. Let’s remember that we’re here to love, to learn, and to serve. 

And of course, have fuck loads of fun doing it. And I hope you’ll have fun loads of fuck too, whatever that might mean to you. 

I would also like to take this chance to initiate you as a Rainbow Warrior – the proud defender of peace, freedom, unity, and respect, armed not with guns, but with love. And it is here at Ozora that 30,000 of us have gathered to once again remind ourselves that we are a formidable army of lovers with the power to spread our boundless joy to our friends and families, and help shape our communities. 

So let’s set our intentions right. The next seven days could be a transformational experience that will change the way you see life and live life. Every person that you meet could be a lifelong friend that would hold your hand when you slip and fall, or when you raise your fist in triumph. Every hug that you give could have a powerful butterfly effect that could dramatically alter the life of someone you’ve never even met. 

Let’s take this chance to fully celebrate and indulge in the overflowing love of dirty, smelly hippies. Let’s allow ourselves to let go of all previous social conditioning and relearn love. Let’s use this week as a powerful, inspirational beginning to the rest of our lives, where we truly live.

In Chambok House this Tuesday, I sincerely hope you would give me some time to present my book “Rainbow Warrior Handbook – The Underground Guide to the Psychedelic Revolution” to all of you. The messages of kindness, compassion, and no-nonsense fun are not mine to own. I have had the privilege of tapping into our collective consciousness through a psychedelic state of mind (yes, I got high), learnt beautiful lessons, and wrote them down in a little book. It is a book with our voices of revolution, oh, and it’s quite funny too. 

I will be reading a chapter or two from the book, and would love to have a discussion with you about our psychedelic experiences. Plus, you’ll get to buy the book, and I’ll also be signing them (I still feel weird about this, because I’m not some celebrity). 

Let’s thank ourselves for coming here to the sacred grounds of Ozora, and let’s really use this festival to supercharge ourselves as Rainbow Warriors. Seeya at Chambok House tomorrow!

Day 2 – Your freedom ends where another being’s freedom begins.

Photo credit:  B.B. Gashi

Photo credit: B.B. Gashi

Hello day tripper. Are you hearing echoes? Is the ground still moving? Is the sacred geometry still etched into the corner of your eye? Come breathe with me. Let’s take a deep breath in… and breathe out. Drink some water. Big gulps. The weather is warm, let’s not forget that we’re still humans. 

Feeling better? Good. No matter what you’ve taken, or not, all of us in the Ozorian family sincerely hope that you’re having the time of your life. What you put into your consciousness is your freedom, but it is also your responsibility to stay safe, and help those around us stay safe too. 

Here, we live in almost perfect freedom. You can scream and shout all you want, dance wherever you walk, and even sing while you’re shitting in the toilet (people would even clap for you). 

But in the name of freedom, we sometimes get carried away and forget that freedom has a single, simple condition for it to work perfectly – Your freedom ends where another being’s freedom begins. 

Your choice to hug another person can sometimes be met with rejection, whatever the reason is. Just because you feel free to swing your tits around, doesn’t mean I want them pressed against my face (ok, I do, but not everyone would like it). It’s your freedom to put eat your sandwich with LSD and cheese, but let’s respect another’s freedom not to have a Psy-wich and not force feed them our philosophy. 

Individual freedom is sacred. And it is not up to us to decide for others. This hasn’t been the case for our societies. So let’s practice that here. Let’s respect one another’s personal emotional space, physical space, and spiritual space. It’s like our homes. Don’t barge in without knocking on the door. When we want to get close to someone, let’s ask for permission, wait for an invitation, and allow our souls to meet in a mutual safe and fun space. Only then can we all give one another space to grow, explore, and express. 

We’re family, remember? Let’s take care of one another. Share what we have as freely as we want to. Ask what we want to with respect, and without expectations. Let us practice how to live in ultimate freedom here at Ozora. And then maybe, we can start fighting for it in our everyday lives. 

Day 3 – Love the fuck out of yourself today

Photo credit:  Georgiana Vasilescu

Photo credit: Georgiana Vasilescu

Our sacred Ozora gathering is the easiest place on the planet to fall in love. It could be a brotherly, sisterly camaraderie, a teacher-student relationship, a deep romance, a exploration of your sexuality, or your love for Mother Nature. The channels where we can project our overflowing love are endless.

Of course, that little pink Mitsubishi that you popped an hour ago might have elevated this experience. But hey, doesn’t mean that the feeling is fake. It just means that the blockage that we’ve always put up have been removed temporarily. So, trust it.

Loving yourself is loving the universe. Even Ru Paul said, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Every single living being, every single atom, every single particle, is a consciously chosen expression of the universe. Yes, you are the fucking universe choosing to experience itself through this physical body of yours. This body, this mind, my friend, is what we call the ego. 

When we describe ourselves, we usually are describing our ego. When we say, “I love the way you talk about the trees and Nature,” we are describing someone’s ego. And that’s perfectly beautiful. The reason why all of us are unique is because the infinite universe is thirsty for new experiences, and every one of us is a special, new experience for the universe. To respect this experience, to love the universe, is to love yourself – your ego. 

Love, though, is different from attachment. Know that when you are currently confined to this body and mind, the real you is infinite. The real you, is the… *drumroll* UNIVERSE. Yes! So, by acknowledging that your experience as Jessica or Bob, is as valuable as any other experience. You are not more special than anything else, but we are all just as important. 

So today, let’s celebrate that we are all indeed, just one fun-loving, curious, playful being – The Universe. And celebrate that we have consciously chosen to incarnate into this ego that we have in this life. Go love, love madly, love truly, love honestly. But don’t take yourself so seriously, because the ego can always change. So let’s just enjoy what we are now. 

Namaste, bitches.

Day 4 – The Psychedelic Experience

Photo credit:  Georgiana Vasilescu

Photo credit: Georgiana Vasilescu

Have you taken your acid breakfast today? Or was it a mushroom lunch you had? Or was it some mysterious white powder you had for dessert that someone told you was ketamine? 

Whatever you took, or didn’t, we’ve all had at least one psychedelic experience in our lives. 

Yes, the ultimate high (you probably don’t remember), was being born. You came out from another person’s pussy! How is that not trippy? On top of that, your brain was producing insane amounts of DMT (N-Dimethyltryptamine) to help prepare you for a life of school, social conditioning, Donald Trump, a pathetic job, midlife crisis, and eventually death. 

But when we voluntarily ingest a psychedelic substance, we often get glimpses of a reality that exists when our perception is not confined by our limited brains. Many people think that there are multiple versions of the universe. Well, I’m really not so sure about that. I tend to see that our senses are tuned for survival on this planet, and everything that wasn’t useful was kinda blocked out. Makes perfect sense. Try running from a tiger when your acid kicks in (oh wait, maybe you were doing that yesterday while you were screaming your head off on the dance floor). 

So in a sense, we see a reality that we can only experience when our brains are extra connected and activated. And that reality somehow brings out a divine sense of peace, a deep purpose to spread love, and a powerful sense of compassion. Doesn’t that say something about who we truly are? It’s almost like we’re beginning to understand what’s it like to be in the next stage of human evolution – The Rainbow Warrior.

The psychedelic experience, then, is a call to action, for us to take our own development into our own hands, and well, mouth or nostril. We see how beautiful we can all be, and how simple it is to just live in peace and sustainability. And we start to understand that we are part of a single, intra-connected ecosystem called Earth. That’s when we, as humans, move away from being a virus on this planet, to being a harmonious part of this one body. 

As we stomp up the dust on the dance floor today, let us also think about what we’re gonna change in our own lives after this festival. Every little bit counts, even taking one less plastic bag is a bit of a revolution. 

So go forth Rainbow Warrior, you are the revolution. 

Day 5 – Balance your chakras. Keep it real, yo.

Photo credit:  Zsolt Pinter

Photo credit: Zsolt Pinter

“Come come, let us manifest enough money so that we can buy a plane ticket back. Sit with me, let’s chant 50 Aums.” 

No you hippie. It doesn’t work this way. The “law of attraction” has gotten so many people confused, thinking that if you think something hard enough, it’ll happen. Sorry folks, to expect something to happen to you is the most self-centred thing we can do. Or even to expect anything, is being self-obsessed. 

Why? Simply because with everything that we want to make happen, we can only do what’s within our human ability to set the conditions to make it more possible. But when we start expecting, we are essentially telling the universe that out of the infinite possibilities out of our control that could fuck up our plan, we say no to them, and only want the universe to fulfil our purpose. 

Chill the fuck out. Expectations is the source of pain and disappointment. Let’s keep it real, and just do our best.

And within our community, we have many that are spiritual, and equally many that are superstitious. I am pretty sure the weird bearded guy is not going to clean your energy centres by inserting his “yang” penis into your “yin” vagina. So beware of creepy “healers”.

I’m sceptical about many things. But open to everything. How does this work? Well, I mean, I’m not gonna take your word for something just because you tell me it’s true. I would love to try it out for myself. And no, just because I don’t feel your crystal healing me doesn’t mean I’m “blocked” or “closed”. We’re just different people. Even medicines don’t work the same way for everyone. 

So as Rainbow Warriors, it’s really up to us to discern what’s helpful to us, or what’s not, and not shove our beliefs down another person’s throat. We all believe in different things, because we were brought up differently, live in different cultures, or read different books. Our openness would allow us to learn from one another, but our love would respect that we don’t all work the same way. 

Even when we talk about chakras, I don’t even dare say it is a fact. I feel it because I’ve been told where each chakra is, and during meditation, I allow myself to focus on these areas and imagine them radiating energy. Chakra meditation has definitely helped me, and it’s possible that they truly exist within us. I talk about my chakras like I talk about seven areas of my life that I compartmentalise and focus on so that I can work on them. Getting fixated about whether they really are energy centres do not help me focus on shit I have to do to solve my problems.

So, really. if you’re into the chakra system, here’s the thing. To truly balance all our chakras, we need to start making our universal connection / divine knowledge relatable to everyone. Maybe instead of preaching love, let’s buy someone a beer and say, “Cheers, I just thought I’d buy you a drink because I think you’re cool.” 


Day 6 – The divine is genderless

Photo credit:  Trance Report Community

Throughout history, human understanding has always been separated into two different sexes – male and female – and their sacred union to create new life. This idea has been cemented into many different organised religions, which is why in so many communities, it is still considered a taboo to be homosexual, or a transsexual / gender (forgive me for not knowing all the different and appropriate terms that exist in the LGBTQ lexicon). 

The traditional understanding of sacred masculinity is the embodiment of the characteristics of courage, strength, honour, rational thinking, confidence and being a provider. The female then, takes on virtues of nurturing, compassion, intuition, and is often considered a life giving force. Many spiritual guides often teach both masculine and feminine forces are within all of us, and balancing them is the key to a fruitful, creative, fulfilling life. 

I get it, male + female = babies = new life. And in many societies, this was seen as the most sacred purpose of human existence. The gender characteristics that have been assigned probably came from our hunter- gatherer days, where the men would go out hunting while the women stayed home to nurse and take care of the children. 

Even though many would argue the idea of the divine feminine and masculine does not suggest that manly characteristics go a certain way, and womanly ones are different, and that we are all a personification of both energies. It feels rigid to have to categorise human traits and virtues into two groups – male and female. 

My psychedelic experiences have taught me that the divine is formless, mindless, and of course, genderless. It is the in nite greatness in all of us that gives us the strength of giants, the courage of Jedi knights, the nurturing touch of a gentle stream, and the compassion of Buddha. 

The thing with the divine male and female is people are usually brought up to believe they should always exhibit more of their own gender’s characteristics, just because they are classified this way. Therefore, men would be less likely to identify with the nurturing, loving “female” virtues for fear of being less manly and vice versa. 

And today’s patriarchal societies are the result of these unjustifed and outdated expectations of what is male and what is female. 

When biologists and psychologists first suggested gender could be fluid, it didn’t come as a surprise when the world freaked out. The thing is, we’re all still evolving and when a certain part of the human population moves towards a certain direction, it’s taking the first steps to self-development. Maybe gender fluidity is indeed, the melting together of the divine “male” and “female” characteristics and our acceptance to it is a possible next step to our continued survival on the planet. 

Day 7 – The revolution has just begun. The revolution is you.

Photo credit:  Popszi

Photo credit: Popszi

My dearest Rainbow Warriors. This week has been one filled with love, dance, connection, exploration, and for some, even revelation. Congratulations, we didn’t die. 

But since we’re alive and have been part of a gathering so special, we kinda have a responsibility to think about what we’re gonna do next, to spread this inspiration to even more people on the planet. 

I sincerely hope that many of us have seen some examples of how we can be more compassionate and loving, learnt some lessons about nurturing greater understanding towards others, and most importantly, had fun loads of fuck (haha). 

Some of us might have encountered experiences that have challenged our idea of what it means to be nice. Someone might have been an asshole to you, don’t be too hard on yourself for thinking that he or she was an asshole. This person might have been too drunk, too high, too self-absorbed, to consciously make any choices. Or this person might just need a little bit more inspiration to be a little bit more concerned about Nature and other human beings. 

As we leave Ozora for yet another festival, or back to work, let’s forgive those who have pissed us off. We’re here to love, and teach one another, so of course, there’s always more work to be done. And let’s forgive ourselves for maybe being an asshole to someone else. Because we’re all works in progress, and we all fall and fail from time to time in our quests to be better human beings. It’s important to be kind to ourselves, recognise ourselves as not perfect, learn, and move on. 

When we go our separate ways tomorrow, let’s keep this love and sense of purpose with us. Ozora is just an example of how the real world can be, so let’s make little Ozora’s everywhere we end up – little communities of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and fun! We are 30,000 strong. And when we start spreading love through real action, we affect 30,000 different social circles, which will continue to inspire hundreds of thousands of others.

You want world change? It begins with us. Let’s all do a little bit more. Let’s all try a little bit harder. Let’s use what we’re good at, and try to make our communities a little nicer. And then we watch it spread. 

Thank you beautiful beings. And let’s thank ourselves. We’ve started something great together. Now let the love revolution begin.

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