The Longest Poem in the Universe – Written by the Internet

On International Poetry Day, Buddha Mag started what we would like to call the new Guinness World Record for the "Longest Poem written by the Internet".  

So here's how we did it: 

1. All visitors would type in their own line to add to the poem the poem. In any language.

2. They wrote their names, ages, and countries they came from, e.g. (Kai, 30, Sweden).

3. Everything happened in real time, and the document, powered by, was entirely open to anyone to make changes or add to it.

4. At the end of 7 days, we closed the poem to further submissions. We collected 213 submissions from 28 countries, from ages 13 to 63. We have submitted our application to the official Guinness World Records and are awaiting a reply. 

So here's what we got: 

The Longest Poem in the Universe

Today, the Internet will come together to break a record. (Kai, 30, Sweden)

It will be an epic day, with drinks to be had at the end. (Luca, 24, Denmark)

We will hold verbal hands, reaching all continents of the world (Alex, 24, Sweden)

Bound by syntax and words and love (Nisa, 28, Singapore)

And my baby is still sleeping in the arms of my love. (Boris, 41, Sweden)

Their two moons crossed their saturday a )nedews ,82 acidalv(.sfter

Moonlight is bleeding from out of their soul (Batuhan, 24, Turkey)

As the stars danced, twinkling, in glittering gold; (Jed, 14, Singapore)

And wile their endings would remain untied (Lasse, 39, Denmark)

Their peaceful beauty could not be denied, for it is visible to all who open their eyes (Rhiannon, 29, Scotland) 

Their awaiting bride under the darkness lies (yorii, 0, Sweden) 

To be retired is to be expired and who says this doesn't inspired (Agnes, 0, M'sia/S'pore/USA)

and why do they call it spring (E, 63, Brooklyn)

this time of awakening, when life begins (Sophia, 28 Koh Phangan)

and snow is at its peaceful end (Robin, 29, Singapore)

and summer festivals at its best (Melissa, 32, Singapore)

and spring brings hope for renewed life (Emma, 21, USA)

a life of peace and tranquility, of love and humility, (Mika, 21, Hawaii)

no more slavish utility....war is man's oldest industry...a brand new work ethic we need....(Simon UK)

As I sit here on the toilet, I feel a thunderous wave, of sweat and anticipation, but after feeling brave, (tittikaka 28)

yesterday has gone, today is today, tomorrow will always be today enjoy life today (Debby Australia)

And i'd like to spend those days by just doing my hand lettering, (ejtee, 32, Singapore/Malaysia)

And listen to static with nothing else mattering. (Samantha, 34, Singapore)

Or the Sounds of Nothing Lingering, (Audrey, 37, Singapore)

Or the peaceful chatter above coffee-cups clinking. (Jed, 14, Singapore)

through time and space, watching and listening to heavy metal while worshipping satan which the society thinks that satan is the root of all evil, (eweshentee, 27, Malaysia)

God speaks his truth over your telephone bill. (Murray, 24, USA)

With Love, with Joy, with hopes for all! (Ivan, 33, Singapore)

Above, oh boy, the scopes of our Neanderthal. (Lucas, 22, Sweden)

Love is a Key to Happiness. (Joan, 24, Singapore)

It all starts with you (Lena, 48, Sweden)

Us, and the world, with all of our hands held high (Michelle, 28, Singapore)

Prepared to be yourself, and only yourself. (Hany, 25, Germany)

A double rainbow formed in the sky, the path is right for me to shine (Emma, 28, Australia)

Shine over a beach so divine (Cissi, 30, Sweden)

Un evento magnifico, preparate a viajar. (Cesar, 36, Colombia)

Gå ut, ack, gå ut! (Josefin, 31, Sweden)

Forfølg dine drømme, og lad dig ikke slå ud (Rasmus, 25, Denmark)

Vad som än händer, kom ihåg kärleken. (Victoria, 24, Sweden)

For what, in the end, is the point of anything; might we not then create our own point; Craft our own meaning; Weave our own hammock of truth throughout our lives, and rest our weary bodies in it's familiar nets? (Alíce, 27, Germany)

Live a life as you desire, no matter what the society inquire (Ana, 26, Slovenia)

and so it was declared, as the oven let out a thick haze of black (Murli, 25, Sweden)

Thank you, mama, for bringing me up this way, for teaching me to feel instead of thinking. You saved me. (Lily, 28, Montenegro)

out in the sun she goes (Victoria, 23, Sweden)

To witness the whispering of mountains and songs of swallows (Jacob, 28, Denmark)

I told him to suck, but he whispered, "Wait, aren't we supposed to blow?" (Jack, 26, Germany)

I cringed, as his words lingered in his lips, leaving a sour taste in my mouth (Stacey, 25, Germany)

We never expected this to go South so soon (Emily, 28, Switzerland)

dagensnyheterna (lukas, 25, sverige)

Im the real Alpha (Elodie, 21, Australia)

But before the omega I shall be ominous (Miller, 24 Scotland)

Tu est une pomme! (Michael, 19, Australia) 

Dont let anyone tell you who you are, even an apple decides for herself (Tekla, 22, Sweden) 

Dragostea din tei (Julia, 24, Sweden)

If A Cup Cake Falls From A Tree How Far Away Will It Be From Down #Jupiter (Jaden, 17, USA)

Curious: we know virtually everything, and fathom nothing (Temesgen, Germany)

And the unfathomable is all that really rings true (Natasha, 29, Brunei)

but behold to what rings true, for what rings true for one, rings not true for the other- this, to ignore or to dismiss, is our western bliss (Charlotte, 25, UK)

Appreciate yourself, honour your soul and allow yourself to create from nothingness. (Matilda, 30, Sweden)

And so it was decided, that the longest poem in the universe would be riddled with quotes from motivational pictures; but alas, we could not word out the cheesy sunset! (Alíce, 27, Germany)

im not good at this (Stina, 28, Sweden)

T'is true; the world is not poetry, but is made poetry by those willing to try. (Kenni, 18, USA)

Polisen står och slår o bankar, allt vi ville var att visa våra tankar (Susanne, 30, Sweden)

It's never too late to give up! (Ragnar, 28, Sweden)

But that up-given life is merely a blink of an eye of the eternal dragonfly, who carries the universe under its wing, from which we arose when it did sing (Vide, 28, Sweden)

And what is eternity but the blink of an eye? 
A moment that has already passed us by (Sanaz, 27, Sweden)

International Poetry Day falls on the day after the International Day of Happiness, so stay happy; write a poem daily. (Silvester P, 52, Singapore/Canada)

fill your soul deeply, read a poem daily (Cindy, 50, Illinois)

Because, nothing can quite expound the soul, like words that flow through fingers and pens. (Cheyenne Bramwell, 21, United States)

Teach your children fire safety. (Ethan Bradberry, 24, Brooklyn, NY)

These are the rules by which we dance as balanced human beasts. (Tracy Plath, 46, United States)

Or dance without rules with safety and with only joy (Nancy, 63, United States)

We act as rebels against our own causes (Christopher Cook. 27. United States)

And count the seconds until we're free (Raven, 27, Lithuania) 

neglecting whoever or whatever will take us by surprise (Darren, 24, Singapore)

and the light faded as the eyes of his former lover, pretended now friend, said goodbye, holding in the tears that would never fall, would never mean (Tomás, 27, Spain)

Mean what? For what is a friend? The love would end. And hate grow as the seasons come and go (Max, 23, Sweden)

Nothing feels right like one at night. Angst ridden tears, to drive all my fears. (Ana M. Torres A.M. Torres, 45, Staten Island, New York) 

Fear is truly what is holding us back by forcing us into a panic attack (Olivia, 21, Sweden)

We gasp for breaths, looking to the sky, our hearts beating out of our chests hoping we will become stars (Alicia, 31, US)

The last resort to anything drastic is usually the last time that we cry, "What the hell?" (?, 21, US)

I'll dare to plunge into the dark nothingness that might very well cradle my dreams. (Danielle Martin, 39, Trinidad) 

When you disappoint everyone all the time it's really hard not to want to die (Jonatan, 23, Sweden)

But realizing that not everything is done in vain made me want to try (Todd, 26, United States)

These our words going from world to world, to heal the the hurt and hate (Bisikay, 60, England, UK)

We are all controlled by the microorganisms (Hugo, 18, Sweden)

I don't think any of us are controlled by the microorganisms (Charlie, 26, Sweden)

I NEED A BREAK FOR FUCK SAKE! My whole self image, turned with the head faced down. Kung FU! Oh my god (Fanny, 25, Sweden)

when nations solve pressing issues with words rather than bullets, and the only thing spilled is ink to paper, rather than blood from innocent civilians, only then can the world have true peace (Leo, 40, Canada)

Then we can all look back at our time and go, "Hell Yeah!"

Dick dick- dick, dick. (dick, 24, dick) 

Dick, my dear hamster, has yet again consumed the dating adds in my morning paper (Dicks owner)

You lose some, you gain some, some say that we transcended sadness, but we gained pain in its place. I don't cry, I cut. I don't rage, I feel nothing. (Carl, Sweden, 24.)

But we go on doing things even without our own consent (Rene, 52, 2016)

even if it is not when we intended or what we meant (Brad, 50, US/Arizona)

Damn whoever that told us the TV and fast food were heaven-sent (Vikki, 34, Finland)

We were spoon-fed lies, but soon caught on. Here we live, malcontent. (Rose, 24, US)

A winter poem: Fuck, it's cold. (Darren, 19, Denmark)

And isn't life just a mix of insane dancing, love and magic my dear? (Erika, 26, Sweden)

Play shoreline, one last time (Carl, 24, Sweden)

I looked up, finished my whisky in double time, and noticed that she likes her Corona not with lemon, but with lime (Daniel, 36, Sweden)

The world may be asleep, but me? I have the moon and all her beauty to keep me company (Payten, 41, England)

Words are there, coming from our soul. Our true divine self, our words are guilded with gold so take care and spread that love as it flows. (Ashley, 34, USA)

And i kept all my biggest truths to myself, believing they could neither be said or written down, but I sure did my best sometimes, whilst sending them through the heart. (Claudia, 32, Sweden)

Tablet I hung on the wall, stylus I kept in the case holder, ink horn I locked up in the drawer, papyrus I folded and kept with depositary. (Silas Ola Obayomi, 51, USA)

The chill of an early Spring is alert to the newly awakened verse (Laurie, 55, USA)

And just like that, she was gone, over to the other side, where she came from in the first place (Pam, 55, US)

A fraction of attraction aint enough for satisfaction, not now, not ever (Lino, Sweden, 26)

And satisfaction isn't always satisfying, so move along now, move along, find another pain to chase (Joyce, 50, US)

For we know that bliss comes not without agony, that ultimate cosmic duality, so find that screaming joyful pain (Subra, 46, Singapore)

If my feet hadnt been so smelly, it wouldve probably effected my stay in New Dehli. (jojo, 26, sweden) 

Swiggety swoots, I'm comin' fer your boots (Knickerbockernurse, 101, New York)

And again, another line, for another new rhyme, i like Lavender, and Thyme (Roxanne, 27, England, UK)

Oh my goodness, Spring is here! (Sunsetta, 34, M'sia)

Snöstorm i mars, svensk vår är kommen (Calle, 29, Sweden)

Sa han, och skrattade högt; det finns inget som heter Svensk Vår. (YoMamaLikesMyNoodles, 27, Germany)

I don't know Swedish but let's not let language stop us (Sarah, 25, Singapore)

Hope that the big universal Autosave takes care me now (Gerely, 39, Hungary) 

My favourite machine in the gym is the vending. Double over, I'll be bending. (Edward, 44, Singapore) 

I'm bending over backwards to keep my life together, to keep my heart from breaking anymore. Grief never ends; it just lingers there. (Monica, 51, Sweden)

I take refuge in the saying "And this too shall pass' and look within for peace (Lakshmi, 58, Malaysia)

So I whisper the words so pure: I Love You (Sandra, 28, Sweden )

And I love my love, but I hate yours. (Amanda, 28, Sweden)

And I learned that avoiding unhappiness is not the road to happiness. (Toste, 32, Sweden)

Happiness is a choice; not a chance—my mind is perpetual motion where words come to dance. (Phoenix ?4, Chicago, IL)

Everything has already been, and it is on its way to return. (Aleksandra, 32, Poland) 

I am aimlessly wandering through this life, seeking for what cannot be seen. I feel it in my chest, the yearning for something. One day, I'll travel the world and perhaps I'll find it (Magdalene, 19, Malaysia)

And find it I will, even if it brings me through the frozen heat and the blistering cold. But how fast or how slow, even the tortoise and the hare will never know. (Ashraf, 27, Malaysia)

It´s not death that we should fear, but ourselves for not being near, to all the love in our lives, let's never cease to love and strive (Rosemarie, 57, Sweden)

love makes the truth bearable, and so we carry on with love in our hearts, but the burden on our backs is reflected in our eyes (Pamela, 31, UK) 

and to forget our burdens we dream a dream of freedom, a world where all Men are unshackled from the chains of society just to be given a taste of the true power of free will unbound. (Abel, 21, Malaysia)

Dreams not meant to be forgotten the moment we awaken, unlike echoed voices amongst midnight forests, like waves crashing upon one another, vanishing under a sea of beautiful, haunting blue (Ann, 19, Malaysia)

I'm blue dabadidabada (Henrik, 39, Sweden)

When is it enough, when will we all respect one other, Mother Nature and be naturalborn lovers?? (Tobias, 113, Sweden)

I am a blueberry in attempts to colorize the world (Ia, 22, Sweden)

The author/Odin is awakened by entheogenic tools, restore your haminja and live love. (Ernest, Sweden)

Minns du den gången du drömde att du dog, å du vakna upp av att ja satt å tömde dig på bloood (Linnea, 17, Sweden)

But she left without the heart she fought so hard to gain (Syd, 40, UK)

The deafening sound of silence. (Vicc, 23, Sweden)

Blended seamlessly with the quiet echoes of sirens. (Jens, 27, Sweden)

The Siren that at night comes to my shore, and whispers "Touch me not, come back tomorrow..."  

All my heart sighs in the sorrow and my souls slips away, drowns. (K, 23)

Wake up, get up, dress up, talk up, sit up, type up. End. (Emilio, 27, Sverige)

bye. (Thomas, 31, Sweden)

Touch me with all your words, My heart song knows you, I know you are your words, Come be mine (Cynthia, 54, Canada)

Happiness is a choice. To live is a choice. Stubbornness is also a choice. (Grace, 28, Singapore) 

Be love ❤ (Freja, 21 Sweden)

Be kindness (Youness, 30, Denmark)

Be blindness, brightness, shyness, dryness, fineness, wideness, wildness, wiseness, fondness, gladness, politeness, madness, sadness, a timeless guidance to those that feel close, feel near, feel fear, yes be clear that it is human, it is alright to collide; to not abide, be clear that it's alright to be terrified (Peanut, 27, Germany) 

Vi är ett hörn av verkligheten (Frida, 23, Sweden)

Frånvända från sanningen som bränner oss i ryggen (Tony, 26, Sweden)

Reality burns out, spluttering, a candle-wick at daybreak; love-drunk, drowning, we watch the hours pass. (Amy, 26, London)

Be skinny, be fat. But don't get mad (Nanna, 22, Denmark)

I just don't know why I can't be accepted (Ann, 23, Sweden)

Maybe because I didn't do what they expected (Jude, 20, Singapore)

And the greatest literature, indubitably is the literature of Men.
And sex has always accolade, to everything that bears might
It allows the one appetite to be satisfied over the other (Reena, 24, India)

As long as other beings are exploited (human or non), there will never be peace. (Gewaltraud, 27, Germany)

In a moment of ecstatic bliss her sacred essence escaped not unlike that of a wild call having risen from the very depths of Mother Gaia (Jo, ageless, Australia)

That love was needed before she died (Sally, Australia)

So I stop for a second, a minute, to listen, to see what will happen next. I think it will be wonderful. (Elina, 29, Sweden)

We are all made of star stuff; we are all beings of light manifest into the physical - and light really is just rainbows merged to confuse us into forgetting that we are all really LIVING RAINBOWS. (Tian, eternal, All of Existence)

My only love sprung from my only hate; too early seen unknown and known too late. Prodigious birth of love it is to me that I must love a loathed enemy. (Guy, from Shakespeare)

Living on this wonderlust continent, a world full of mystery. (AMANDA LOVES MANGO, 30s, The tiny little red dot island)

What if you stand neutral? Listening to all perspectives, seeing the equality in them? No one is right or wrong, each has his/her point, there is no need to be converted, perhaps... just the mere 'respect' for one's chosen path. (Shiori, 32, Earth)

If everyone would just follow their path, the one that they feel is true to their heart, then no one would need to compare and compete, but love and support everything that lives. (Zoe, 27, Mercury)

Be bold, take charge, listen deep and love hard - live life, live long, live well. (Mandy, 39, Singapore)

They say a line but I say I am more important, so I write more than a line (You, 25, Hong Kong)

Döden. Frihet, sorg. Ögonlocken döljer din sjuka ögon. Du flämtar orytmiskt, huden gul och genomskinlig. Väntar på friheten och sorgen..... (Per, 60, Sweden)

Við erum að falla a tima. (Elisabet Birta, 24, Iceland)

Jeg kan ikke komme i tanke om noget, derfor er jeg gået (Kim, 28, Denmark)

But even in this I am a single soul among many who will fade (Laramie, 20, United States)

Make mangosteens, not war (Rage, 39, Singapore)

I think that it's incredibly tragic how we go about breaking one another's heart's like it's absolutely nothing. Not only in love but in the little ways we go about our day and the people that pass through. A mean word to a friend, an icy glance towards a stranger, a rude demand towards the person behind the counter. People make me the happiest, but they also seem to claw my insides like the creatures in the dark that threaten to swallow me whole.. and there's nothing that I can do about it. (Wanderer, 19)

Life gave John 5 lemons; he made lemonade. But he decided it wasn't worth what he paid. So he traded one in for a hill and a tin, and sat the next day drinking whiskey and gin. He finished drinking and got terribly drunk, and poured the second lemonade onto a skunk. The skunk wasn't happy and drank the third one; John got sad and sat under the sun. He traded his last two to be back to square one. He didn't have lemonade and he didn't have fun. (Anonymous, 13, Singapore)

Many homes are homes for homes living there between the cones (Nils gunnars, 23, Sweden)

Between the cones, we find the deep blue seas and realised we have no homes (cin, 33, Singapore)

The foam of the sea touched our feet, kissing our wounds from not just our loss of home but everything we had built. (Jacqueline, 21, Sweden)

Eyes transfixed by its information beam, basking in perpetual distraction, we are wasting our lives away stuck in front of a computer screen. (Ayla, 25, Sweden)

Searching for answers and meaning (Elizabeth Jane, 33, Norway)

where answers and meaning could not be found (chewy, 33, Singapore)

And screaming virtually without making any sound (Chahna, 16, India)

While I'm thinking growing older is a journey to become the person you always needed to be (Petter, 33, Sweden)

For answers and meaning were part of the golden paradox of life. A secret in silence.

A silent agreement of the golden, ultimate search for truth. Perhaps the search itself is the truth. (Lisa, 34, UK)

We stopped seeking and we looked inside, awakening was taking form: no more questions no more answers , just present understanding (Melchior, 22, Lausanne)

Panic, agony, pain. Let it fucking rain.But I got sunshine in my heart. That will never fall apart. It keeps shining bright and clear. Even if all my money disappear. And when I stand alone with so much fear. The sun inside Is there. (Bea, 21, Sweden)

Structures fall and being rebuilt (Christopher Andersson, 23, Barcelona)

Like our knowledge in the infinite present filled with a trillion different truths (choi, 16, Singapore)

And Humanity brings its thousand hands together to shine as one, to beat our chests in defiance of the sun (Jed, 14, Singapore)

But all this well not matter, when we all perish (Ayy lmao)

and she walked away without
the heart she fought so hard to win (SYD 40,UK)

to birth anew
and build again
for (Al, 21, Singapore)

we tear upon hearts
that cry of
yester-mornings (Sean, 21, Singapore)

Will we look on the tapestries of peace past
And wonder on rainy nights
by a cozy fireplace:
"What is war?" (Jed, 14, Singapore)

Last week. Last year. We spend so much time thinking about what has passed. We stay rooted in our mistakes, stuck in the previous year, wondering why our future isn’t changing. Blank calendars are vast landscapes of possibility. But to remember is human (Rebecca, 17, Singapore)

and the beauty we craft from
our recollections
is contagious (Jerald, 21, Singapore)

and with a sprinkle of imagination,
a dash of wonder,
and a generous helping of objective reality,
all is made well. (Jed, 14, Singapore)

Cada día es una página en blanco en donde escribes tu historia, hazla fascinante para tí. (Feli, 31, México)

We're not quite sure how we got here,
tangled up by these words,
with shaky hands and trembling feet,
just look at the mess we've made in this box! (Jacinda, 13, Singapore)

let's pull back for a moment,
for the clock is running 23:59.
forgive my ramblings,
our pens are running dry. (Jacinda, 13, Singapore)

one, two, three, four
droplets of ink run down our pens.
for once, we wish we could be the poems,
instead of the poets we've been. (Jacinda, 13, Singapore)

Not once do we give up,
push on ahead, we'll do us proud. (Audrey, 37, Singapore)

And even when we feel like giving in,
and our thoughts seem to scream so loud,
we find solace in this unity, this crowd (Nicole, 13, Singapore)

To hell with you!
God damn this troll!
Give up we won't!
To fight we will! (Liam, 21, Singapore)

Hear, hear, our fire pushes us forth. Undaunted, untainted, unlimited our unity and force. (Kai, 30, Sweden)

Its not the curch but the priest, not the face only the feeling
not the words
just products. (asfrid, 20, denmark)

Today I went in search of Nature
and found her in the park, 
generous, with her Spring beauty, 
willing, as always, to spark
the hope in me that sleeps at times. (Morrighan, 24, London)

I come from the land of leh, lah, loh
I talk like this with heh, har, hor.
A line or two I still can manage,
anything more I tak boleh oh. (Audrey, 37, Singapore)

Wah lao, Wah piang,
I still can't sleep.
And write I will,
to amuse you all! (Audrey, 37, Singapore)

Brain juice, zapped! 
Brain dead, yes,
Low batt now,
Gnite to all! (Audrey, 37, singapore)

Of course, this small accomplishment did not come without big problems. These included a panicky "server offline" morning, Android compatibility issues, and trolls. In light of that, we have decided to start a new project exploring the idea of Internet freedom: The 100% Freedom Experiment.

We sincerely thank all of you for your support. And to those who believed that we could achieve something together, we did. We showed the world that human beings can be united as one, love as one, and live as one. Whether we'll get the Guinness World Record, let's find out.

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