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We’ve always been strong supporters of equality, unity, freedom and respect. And it’s time to take our message of love out on the streets, to wear our hearts on our sleeves. Designed by super talented artists from around the globe, all our garments are printed on 100% organic cotton. And yes, we ship internationally, even to the North Pole!


Creahture cave.jpg

Meet the strange Creahtures

By Creahture Cave



by Daniel Sjödin


Grow a Pair

by Arieta Hamiti


Full Power 24 Hour
No Toilet no Shower

By Sofia Palm

Crazy cat lady.jpg

Crazy Cat Lady Society

By Lia Maria da Silva

Don't panic.jpg

Don't Panic.
It's Organic.

By Narayan Edman

Jesus Shaman.jpg

Jesus Was a

by Mikael Brandt


I Love Catamine

by Lia Maria da Silva


It's not me.
It's the Mercury Retrograde.

by Baggarelli


Hate the Patriarchy,
Love all Humanity

By Klara Abrahamsson


join the nordic witches club today and help reclaim the swastika
- By Mikaela Asplund -

Three hugger.jpg

Three Hugger

By Lia Maria da Silva


Shanti As Fuck

By Elisabet Kedziora


Respect Where You Came From

By Emma Pålsson


Don't panic, it's organic

Every piece of fabric that we use is 100% organic.
Because we know that you care about polar bears.


Shiva Saves

By Sara Thyberg

4.1.1 Drop acid not bombs.jpg

Drop Acid Not Bombs

By Tanja Zamani

Your are a miracle design (black).jpg

"You are a miracle"

by The Neon Savage

3.1.1 Drip.jpg


By Aja Ireland

I am universe design black.jpg

"I am Universe"

by Tobias Engkvist

Shiva design black.jpg

Meditating Shiva

By Tobias Engkvist


华语西北酷 Chinese is Cool collection

Meh tee (white).jpg


By Kai Teo


Pussy Power

By Emma Pålsson


Rainbow Warriors

by Klara Abrahamsson


slow, independent fashion

Every piece you order directly supports our artists who have poured their heart and soul out for the designs.

4.1.2 Shut up and go om.jpg

Shut Up and Go Om

By Tanja Zamani


We Are All Immigrants

By Klara Abrahamsson

Techno built this body small.jpg

"Techno Built This Body"

by Elisabet Kedziora


Malmø Turning Falafel by Klara Abrahamsson


Official Unicorn Riders Association

by Baggarelli


Still not smiling for you

by Baggarelli

Mushroom Model  Neon Print.jpg

Legalize Freedom

By The Neon Savage


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