Forest Star Festival 2016 Minimag

Welcome to Forest Star – Let Mother Nature embrace you

Take a deep breath with me. Can you smell the crisp, fresh leaves that flutter ever so slightly with the wind? Can you recognise the fragrance of the slightly damp soil that gently dampens your steps as walk upon the ground?

Now let’s look up. Behold the towering giants of the Swedish forest as they cast their loving gaze on you, as their lush, green canopies filter the sunlight, letting its heat soothingly bathe your skin, while creating magical shadows of a million shapes on the landscape. 

Wait, listen. Hear the song of the winding streams carrying crystal clear spring water from the mountains. Let the chorus of insects, rustling leaves, and our laughter fill the air. And then there’s the all-too-familiar triplets of pounding bass and mind-bending frequencies. Yes, this is psytrance, in the mighty forest.

This, is Forest Star Festival 2016.