Exclusive interview with Etnoscope – The Magic of Fusion

By Kai Teo

As the scorching afternoon beat down on our backs, the Rainbow Children frolicked in the sweltering heat, dancing wildly, breaking out in cleansing sweat. Then, from the giant speakers, a mesmerising voice echoed into the forest clearing, hitting us with a wave of calm, injecting us with a cool moment of clarity.

This was the voice of Linda Jonsson of Etnoscope, gracing the decks of Forest Star today together with another member of the collective, Mikael Persson. Her haunting vocals were combined with an irresistible, pumping beat, then accentuated with captivating, organic sounds – throwing us into a gentle, floating trance, underlined by a powerful invitation to stomp up the dust. 

To understand more of Etnoscope’s magic of fusion, Buddha Mag talks to them.

Hi Linda and Mikael, your set was intensely energetic, yet incredibly soothing. Thank you. Is this combination your secret?

Well hello there, and thank you! The secret to many things in life is balance, music included. We like to experiment with this, as we think it creates a good flow.

What brought you two together, musically?

Linda: When we met and fell in love I was already a member of Etnoscope, which has been a music collective since the mid 90's. Etnoscope was kind of on the low side and a computer hard drive crash in the studio almost killed the spirit of the band. All our material was gone, and the musical depression had hit Rasmus, one of our members, really hard. One day I was going to the studio, and I persuaded Mikael to join and bring his mouth harp. 

It was a magical day, it was the missing piece of the puzzle. The flow was back, the music found the way back into our lives again and we have been producing tunes ever since.

What do you hope to create on the dance floor with your unique sound?

By mixing old norse tunes with latest trance tunes we hope to create a totally new experience to the people on the dance floor. Connecting with your roots, but still being able to float around in an electronic world. The possibilities are endless.

What’s your opinion of Forest Star Festival? Why?

Mikael: I think Forest Star is important because of the difference it makes to all people who come there and share the experience, no matter the age, if you are a juggler, artist or DJ, we play and dance together in trance. Here and now. It brings so much joy to know that Forest Star exists and that there is magic growing and developing each time we share that moment together.

If you were invited to play at Way Out West, would you? What’s the reason?

Linda: That's kind of a strange question, it's not really our genre... but yes I would play. Not for fame or money, but for the love of music. It's the best feeling in the world to see people shut their eyes and float off to their own little wonderland when I sing. If I could give that to someone at way out west, I would.

What do you think is the importance of Psytrance festivals such as Forest Star in the bigger picture of our world today?

We have played at a lot of festivals around Europe which are similar to Forest Star. This kind of festivals are really important to to the world today. It is important to take time to love the music, each other and mother earth.  

We’ve heard that there are some new releases coming up. Tell us more about what we can look forward to.

We are finishing up our next album, it contains a lot of the tunes we played at Forest Star. It's a little bit different from earlier releases as it has a lot of acoustic elements and a touch of folk music. 

If there’s one big message you would like to convey to the psychonauts of Sweden, what would it be?

Love and respect all beings. Take care of the environment. And don't forget to breathe.

Hear the sounds of Etnoscope on soundcloud.com/etnoscope and follow them on facebook.com/etnoscope

And if you're looking to relive the Forest Star Festival 2016 experience, here's where you click.

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