Exclusive interview with Loa – The Princess of Darkness

By Kai Teo

As night fell and darkness crept up on the forest dance floor, our lovers and dancers were invited to partake in the deep, meditative, hypnotic session facilitated by the sounds of the Princess of Darkness – LOA. As the first decibels travelled from the speakers to our minds, we quickly realised that we were no longer in control of our bodies. LOA’s hard, yet incredibly soothing rollercoaster ride into the realms of darkness had us clinging on to our dear minds, while letting us flow gently along the rapid rivers of her tunes.

To find out more about her magic, Buddha Mag talked to her.

Princess Loa and her warriors of light

Hi Loa, thank you once again for the insanely beautiful set. Tell us, how would you describe your own music in a short sentence?

Thanks for your kind words. I had fun playing a longer set than usual at Forest Star. I’d like to think of the music I play as deep and intelligent psychedelic music. 

What’s your view on darkness? You know, the darkness in music, the darkness in our lives?

I feel that darkness is a concept that doesn’t get enough space in both the music and in our lives as it’s often associated with something negative and that’s a real shame. To me, it’s when you delve into the darkness that you realize how strong the light is and that is what helps me find the courage to shine even more as a human being. The darker aspects of the music I enjoy also make it easier for me to get into a meditative state of mind when I dance or listen to this kind of music.

Is that why you choose to play dark psy?

When I started to DJ I played full-on. But as time went, I got more and more drawn towards darker music and after a while I realized it’s where I feel at home musically. I am very happy to be representing Psyde Effect Records and Banyan Records. I feel that they both deliver music of high quality in the genre.

How long have you been playing music? And how was your first ever gig like? Tell us a little about it.

I started DJing in 2006 and my first gig was 2007 at a forest party in Sweden during summer. Technically, I didn’t do all that well but I guess I let the music speak for itself.

What do you want to achieve through your music? Like, is there a message?

I want to create a dance floor where people can have the courage to let go and dance like no one else is watching you. Dancing is a fantastic tool to heal yourself and music has a big role in this process. Over time I realized that music that contains a lot of breaks prevented me to get into a meditative state that I wanted to achieve with the dance and the darker aspect of psytrance satisfy me more and more and the healing process was much deeper and more intense than before.

What we’ve been hearing from you is a perfect balance of hard-thumping, merciless darkness and a flowy, meditative backdrop. What’s your impression of musicians that just go full-power hard and noise? 

Personally I like to vary my sets between different types of sounds in the darker spectrum of psytrance. It can be very time consuming to find music that has a balanced dynamic throughout a set so that it doesn’t get monotonous and become more alive. This dynamic vibe has become a bit of my signature sound as a DJ and I feel that it becomes more appreciated by the listener this way.

What’s your best memory from the festival?

It was probably during our Urla Tribe ceremony on Saturday night. It was a group of women all dressed in white who gathered around a big bonfire and sang a very beautiful ceremonial song to keep the space protected and light.

Of course, I also really enjoyed the beautiful response I got from the crowd during my set during Sunday night. I felt very moved by the people who stayed throughout my set to experience how I was putting effort into building the musical journey.

What do you think is most special about Forest Star Festival compared to the others that you’ve been to?

Definitely the strong feminine presence right through the festival as most of the festival crew consists of women but also the Urla Forest, which is a very special place with a beautiful energy.

To hear more of Loa's genius, visit her Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/loaspirit
And to see more of Forest Star, follow their Facebook Page at facebook.com/Foreststarfestival

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