Healing area – Realigning the festival’s purpose

By Kai Teo

Come. Let us heal.

Come. Let us heal.

Forest Star Festival isn’t just a place for us to come get fucked face and forget all our troubles temporarily. If our intentions are set right, this could be a transformational weekend where we realign our purposes in the societies that we live in, refocus our energies on becoming better global citizens, and replenish our souls with the great healing powers of Nature.

Yep, to many, the above sentences would sound like hippie gibberish. But that’s exactly why the festival’s Healing Area holds so much importance.

The Trojan's Labyrinth.

The Trojan's Labyrinth.

You see, this is not Way Out West. Forest Star Festival’s intention is to create a sacred space for us Rainbow Warriors to come together to once again, remind ourselves of how we can go out there and heal the world – through our smiles, our hugs, and our everyday acts of compassion and charity. And of course, have fuck loads of fun in the process.

So while we stomp in unison to the divine sounds of our talented musicians, the Healing Area provides a calming space for us to reenergise, through the ancient practices of yoga and meditation. The only music here is the song of the trees and the medley of the birds and insects. And the only message here is the one that we find deep within ourselves.

Here is where our psychonauts get their chakras aligned once again, and interestingly, most of us would arrive at the same conclusion: Be nice. Yes. It’s that simple. What’s the point of telling the world that we are divine children of the Universe, that we are all one, when we’re assholes half the time?

The Healing Area reminds us that we are the true anarchists. And given the state of the world today, as we sit and contemplate in silence, most of us would see that the most powerful way of “fucking society” is to simply be a good person. I guess I personally believe that a greater change would occur on the planet if 10,000 people came to sit in silence together at the Healing Area rather than go to a rowdy, angry demonstration.

A family that meditates together stays together.

A family that meditates together stays together.

Because we don’t need more violence – we need more compassion. We shouldn’t be seeking solutions from the governments – the solution is deep within our souls. We don’t need more fighting – we need more healing.

Now we see why Forest Star Festival has a healing area. Now we understand that when we heal ourselves, only can we go out there and heal others. And when we sit together and set our intentions right, we can achieve greatness in everything we do.

Our dance would become an inspiration for human connection, our laughter would be heard as the soundtrack for a brighter future, and our exploration of higher consciousness would be established as a cornerstone for a world finally in balance.

Welcome to the healing area. Peace begins here.

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