Main Stage – The Altar of the Forest Gods

By Kai Teo

We joined hands and linked souls.

We joined hands and linked souls.

Humanity lost its way when we decided that the forces that breathed life into mountains, oceans and all the creatures would be impressed by temples with golden roofs, towers that reach up into the heavens, and opulent displays of glitter and gems.

At Forest Star’s main stage, a humble clearing in the powerful Swedish Forest, we are reminded that the most sincere form of worship, is to simply reach down to the ground and touch it with awe and appreciation.

The sacred stomping grounds.

The sacred stomping grounds.

Welcome to the heart of the festival. The sacred ground for limitless human bonding through the mystical powers of music and dance. The magical world for reconnecting with our souls and Mother Nature. The stage for us to witness what wondrous beings of love we could be.

What’s unique about Forest Star Festival is its respect for ancient rites and the forgotten traditions that remind us of our interconnectedness with the world around us. As the festivalgoers joined hands around the Midsummer’s totem, we inevitably linked our souls together in the celebration of the bountiful earth and the miracle of life.

As our stomping feet churned up massive clouds of dust into the skies, we immersed ourselves into a fog of clarity – a state of consciousness where we could be totally free from the constraints of our societies, where we could see one another for who we really are, and where we could come back in tune with the laws of our ecosystem.

Saturating our senses with melodic nectar for the ears were highly talented DJs and musicians such as Yara, Loa, eLement9, Hexmästaren, Solar Fields, and many others (just because you weren’t mentioned doesn’t mean you weren’t fucking amazing).

The almighty symbol for midsummer (it actually represents a penis).

The almighty symbol for midsummer (it actually represents a penis).

With the majestic trees bouncing off the decibels back onto the dance floor, we were in the epicentre of Nature’s sound system. The echoes amplified every sensation of our senses, and catalysed every mysterious creation in our imaginations.

As night fell, the dancefloor was lit by the soft, orange glow of the campfire. What really warmed us up though, was the vibe of the evenings. The skies became an all-encompassing screen of dark indigo, and the music, too, drew out our deepest, darkest insecurities and issues. This was the night. And this was the darkness that we too, had to learn to embrace.

The tribal expression of dance and the exploration of the self was what the main floor of Forest Star represented. This was a learning ground for the Rainbow Warriors. It was the beginning of our journey – one that would take us to the highest levels of existence, and one that would eventually, help us all create a better world together.

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