"Let's generate more light and love on this planet." Exclusive interview with Marcus Henriksson aka Nobody Home

By Kai Teo
Portrait of Marcus by Flavien Prioreau

Here's the great Marcus Henriksson, and our really shitty picture of him playing on the Beach Stage.

Here's the great Marcus Henriksson, and our really shitty picture of him playing on the Beach Stage.

As the coastal winds gently brushed against our bodies, the cosmonauts at Midnight Sun Festival opened our hearts to let in the divine sounds of Marcus Henriksson, also known as Nobody Home.

With the sound of the waves forming the audio canvas and the majestic mountains painting a marvellous backdrop, Marcus’ set was an invitation into ourselves – a deep, insightful conversation with the universal nothingness, and an uplifting jolt of power to our souls.

With Marcus Henriksson, and his beautiful daughter Mira.

With Marcus Henriksson, and his beautiful daughter Mira.

Some musicians make you move mindlessly, some make you dance crazily. But Marcus Henriksson managed to use his analogue frequencies and mesmerising basslines to render me motionless, crouched on the ground, in awe of the universe, and in total submission to the greatness of all creation. Marcus wasn’t there to take the limelight, he was there to be the facilitator to our self exploration. And the environment he created in our deepest mindscapes was one of wonderment, curiosity and reflection.

To better understand his philosophy, we asked him a few heartfelt questions:

Hi Marcus, thank you once again for the intense and beautiful set. How do you feel about it?

Hi Kai. It was as you say, intense and beautiful! I rented an RV and together with my 6-year-old daughter, I drove all the way up through Sweden in 3 days. It felt like I was up and visiting the northern gods – one of my most magical festival experiences all time.

I am very impressed by the team behind Midnight Sun. There were so many details at the festival that made the set and setting optimal for helping all of us let go and be free – the design of the dancefloors, stage, festival decorations – small details for us to discover upon a closer look. Great work Midnight Sun crew! Thank you!

As for my set, the first hour was intense. I was mixing quickly and I could feel the tension and stress inside of me while playing – the stress and pressure from my daily life and the society. This was not what I wanted to transmit to the dancefloor.

I had to center myself many times before I could play from that relaxed and harmonious place where my inner self was feeling the music and not thinking it. After that I could really enjoy the set and it became something special. There were a lot of smiling faces and I could also see many people having a beautiful experience in their dance and letting go.

As you played for the audience, were you also going through deep, personal reflection as well? What was in your head?

I wanted the audience to go deep into the music and have a journey in themselves. Where they could let go of all the bullshit we get projected upon us from the modern society and all its limits. I too have this stress inside of me and I needed to shake it of me and that took the first hour of the set to do.

I also had my daughter with me on festival for the first time. Showing her what dad is doing for work. She was playing by the beach while I was DJ'ing. And being a dad and a DJ at the same time can also make things a bit stressful… but it worked really well and the set was amazing! Thank you Midnight Sun <3

How do you balance superstardom with your intention and message when you’re playing for our rainbow warriors?

I try to have my feet on the ground. Meeting the people and dancing together also grounds me. I just want to share my love and passion that I put into the music I create, wishing that the message could be picked up by the people dancing to it.

What is the greatest thing you’re seeking to achieve with your solo career after Minilogue and Son Kite?

To spread the message in my music to the world – to generate more light and love on this planet. I guess it is the same thing I have always been seeking to do during all these years. That hasn’t changed.

How do you feel that your music has progressed since then? What’s the signature Marcus Henriksson difference that we can hear?

I have become freer and feel more at home with myself in the music, and also more at home with myself up on stage. I can express myself without compromising on my creative vision. Being two persons with different views on things can hinder the creative flow. Now when I’m alone, there are no boundaries and I can explore other territories inside of me and express that in the music. But of course, you can expect the signature Marcus Henriksson sound and vibe of Son Kite and Minilogue.

What do you wish to achieve for everyone on the dancefloor? Did you feel that the cosmonauts at Midnight Sun felt it?

My hope is that the dancer will let go of their fears and limitations and let themselves go deep into the dance. Hoping that they get into trance and journey within themselves. To me, the modern dance/rave culture is the expression of the dance ritual that we human beings have been doing for thousands of years.

Through this, it is possible to find healing and enlightening insights to who we are. To discover new things about oneself and let go of old patterns we don't need anymore. Becoming true to oneself and following one’s heart instead of the patriarchal structures of the modern society.

I believe that the global trance festival phenomenon is helping our world becoming a better place. I believe the change will partly come from all the dancing people around the planet – dancing for peace and love.

I could definitely feel that we where dancing and feeling this place at Midnight Sun! There were some magical moments and I felt very touched by the trance we got into. Thank you.

What’s your next big step? What can your fans look forward to?

I want to play both in the trance scene and in the club scene. Because these two scenes are divided and I feel that both scenes need music that is trance inducing and healing, not that which feeds power and ego. I do my outmost to be able to create this possibility.

Through my project Nobody Home, I would like to spread the awareness of Entheogens and their healing properties for ourselves and the entire planet Earth. In this project, I aim to create open dialogues about using psychoactive substances as a tool for spiritual development, enlightenment and self-discovery. This, along with shamanism, yoga and meditation, as doors that lead us to better understand ancient wisdom, so that we can create a better future for ourselves – one built on peace, love and balance.

What else will the future bring? I will do my utmost to create more music that can help in deeper exploration of the consciousness. I am working on my solo album and I also have a few other projects going on. I will release most of it on my own label Home Records. So check there if you want to hear more from me. Peace and love. 

Find out more about Marcus Henriksson and hear his magic.
Facebook: facebook.com/MarcusHenriksson
His project Nobody Home: facebook.com/DjNobodyHome
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/marcushenriksson

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