The Life-changing Nature of a Festival

By Kai Teo

To have a festival in the Nordic island of Vaerøy is kinda fucked up. First, there’s the non-stop music from three stages, blasting out heavy psytrance, bumpy techno, and smooth-sailing chillout. So you always have a choice, unless you’re into Justin Bieber. Then there’s the view.

Oh my fucking god. When you’re already overwhelmed by the cosmic insights brought to you by the entheogens you bought off some other longhaired dude, then you look up and take in the mighty mountains, it’s hard not to just collapse under the crushing forces of pure awesomeness.

And the whole sunset/sunrise thing without darkness, even more fucked up. I mean, having swirly pink and orange horizons as a backdrop to the dancefloor for at least six hours a “night”, plus the towering cliffs exuding a bright reddish glow looking at you, spasms.

It looked like something straight out of Lord of the Rings (I know most of it was filmed in New Zealand, but they haven’t got festivals in those mountains, do they?). Except that there were no evil wizards, and the only ring you needed to destroy was the onion ring you were about to eat. 

So the lines separating reality and imagination, fact and fiction, high and sober, were blurred, and our existence was dwarfed by the sheer size of those cliffs. It was only natural for us to drift into a mindspace where we contemplate the vastness of the universe, the powers of Nature, and the imbalance of human societies.

I mean, we come to this festival, get super inspired by the landscape, music and people, thinking about the meaning of life, the protection of our planet and universal love for all beings. How could we, then we get back to our daily lives in the city, wake up to an alarm, and still think that our 9–5 office jobs are important for a greater human civilization that should embody the most noble values of truth, peace, love, unity, respect and freedom?

You don’t really need to have someone close to you die or lose a limb to turn your life around, all you need is to come to a good festival with good people, one like Midnight Sun. And you’d see that life could never be the same again.

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