It's a golden electronic harp! Or how Cocorosie made me hold my pee for about 3 hours.

By: Kai Teo

Event: Cocorosie live
Venue: Babel, Spångatan 38, Malmö
Date: Friday, 6th September ‘13
Our rating: 5 out of 5

If you don’t already know the gods of weirdness and enchanting music, Cocorosie is an American ‘freak folk’ group formed by sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady.

And you might need to educate yourself.

But who would have guessed that they would grace the Malmö hipster scene with their divine presence. And of course, Buddha Mag wouldn’t miss this golden opportunity.

Babel was a small church that has since been converted into a venue for heathen parties, orgy preludes, electronic nightclubs and indie concerts. And tonight, it was packed to the brim with ardent worshippers of the holy union of angelic voices and avant-garde tunes.

Standing right in the middle of the stage was Sierra’s golden electronic harp. It reflected the rays off the spotlights and shone with an awesomeness as bright as Jesus’s tongue piercing, if he had one. It commanded the audience’s utmost reverence and hinted to everyone that this evening’s performance was going to be a life-changing one.

As the lights dimmed, Cocorosie and their accompanying musicians drifted through the crowd and made their way on to the stage. The atmosphere was made up of a comforting blend of fanatic excitement and I-just-witnessed-an-angel-eating-a-strawberry-cheesecake silence.

Then the magic started.

Sierra stroked her harp with the grace of a million Mother Marys and serenaded us with her signature opera vocals. Bianca simply out-cooled everyone with her peculiar rap voice and childlike singing.

The rainbow coloured lights cast on the stage, accentuated by the softly flowing smoke, created a dreamscape that set the perfect scene for an intense musical journey with the dynamic duo, and of course, an ever-changing muse for the most psychedelic of acid trips.

Everything came together to form an entire experience – a dazzling indulgence of joy, groove, sorrow and ecstasy. No one was talking. Everyone had their mouths wide open as they stared in profound wonderment.

Standing right at the front of the stage, the only clue that we could get that these genius performers were mortal was the sweat on their faces.

Every song was a powerful kick to the senses, and every word sang was a spiritual invigoration. And we watched as the audience danced, swayed, clapped, hugged and cried to the hymns of pure beauty.

The performance was incredibly captivating. So much that my beer-filled bladder decided that it was not gonna compete for my attention and suffered silently as I tortured it with more lagers.

And finally, when “Werewolf” was played, my eyes flipped in their sockets as I went into an uncontrollable trance.

I guess this is what happens in evangelical churches when the pastors exorcise the believer’s demons. Except that this music was infinitely better than not-so-amazing grace.

I could’ve held my pee for as long as they kept playing. Because bodily functions don’t matter any more when you’re in the presence of heavenly beings.

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