Welcome to Dubai – Like 1600s New York with sand.

By Michael Boyle

Photos: http://hessbeck-fotografix.deviantart.com/

Welcome to my first article for Buddha Mag - The Cool Sutra!

My name is Michael Boyle, man of the world, jack of all trades and master of nothing. I've been living here in Dubai since September 2012. Consider me your guide to Dubai, what goes on out in the open and behind closed doors, under the table and on top of it.

In this column, you'll find regular coverage of the going-ons in this dusty land of milk and honey, as well as a few personal musings of mine about living here and the weird and wonderful people and experiences I encounter along the way.

On the face of it, Dubai is just exactly what you see on TV. You've probably all seen that creepy midget Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, hanging off the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest and in my opinion, funkiest building. 

But there's more to life in this part of the world than most of you will ever know and TV will ever justify.

Join me as I take you to Sandance – the biggest, booziest, flipflop wearing-est music event this side of the Islamic world, down into the deep blue as I swim with sharks in Dubai Aquarium, world record holder for the largest single sheet of acrylic glass in the world (stupid record if you ask me), an arial view of the awe-inspiring Palm Jumairah as I jump out of a plane at 17 000 feet, and to the thousands of other fascinating events and activities that this bustling metropolis has to offer. 

I'll also take you to the shitty side of Dubai, where you'll see the inequality, the human commodity market and the modern day slavery that takes away much of the magic from this otherwise incredible city. That's right - We're keeping it real.

From my shiny little slice of hell, welcome to the weird world of Dubai.

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