Magical Moments – A Non-fiction Story of a Fairy

By Tasja Nielsen

It's Springtime in my head.


I've seen the little sparks of spring blossoming up all over, and I feel like it surely is having an effect on my mood.

Most times, I walk around in this little bubble of excitement, just waiting for next awesome thing to happen, next awesome meeting to manifest.

Something happened. I can't really pinpoint it on the one thing, but something must have happened. During the first two months of 2015, something has definitely happened. Something amazing, that opened up for other sweet “somethings” to roll into existence.

Not knowing who will read these words I will not go into specific situations or name any real names. But I will tell you a ”something-story” from earlier today.

The tale is that of a little fairy, just flying home from her trip to The Moon.

This particular fairy was a special one. When she listened to music, she could make herself invisible to normal people. With the right tunes, she was only visible to someone equally special.

On her way home, The Fairy had turned on the magic, and made her Houdini-number. She was flying high above the street, feeling the music vibrate her body and tiny silver-green wings. In the middle of this sensational uprising something shook her down on the street level again.

It was The Prince Of Words. A very handsome, fierce man with dark and intense eyes, a dense beard covering his chin, and an embrace you immediately felt safe in. He greeted The Fairy and she now understood, that he was equally special.

The Fairy had heard the tales of The Prince, she had also read them all, some tales she read more than once and some tales she had experienced on a regular basis. She was still flying when meeting this character whom she had thought of so often. He began talking to her, in a very familiar way.

He seemed honest.

The vibration from the music transformed inside her flying fairy body. What was usually brought by music was now happening, through the sentences from The Prince Of Words. But the vibration progressed, and it was surely very visible. 

The wings of the fairy were shaking and dusting off green glitter onto the rocky street. She felt exhilarated but embarrassed that he could see her excitement so clearly.


She remembered what The Mother Fairy had taught them about grace, and focused her word on the goodbye. Most of all she just wanted to take his hand and levitate to the rooftops. Knowing the inappropriate nature of her desires, she managed to resist the pleasant flow of words that came sliding through his lips.

They shared a hug, shared a bit of intense magical energy, shared something that turned out to be equally special.

The Fairy was flying even higher on her way home to the tree house. Smiling, humming and shining. Welcoming the magic.

– To be continued

The wave of change and transformation from 2014, haven't stopped. It's still on, and I try to surf it. I'm very much an amateur, but I give myself many points for the efforts I make.

Make the effort. Smile, interact and get those magical moments, my dear friends.

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