RuPaul's Drag Race in Copenhagen: Better than Bangkok

Event: RuPaul’s Drag Race, Battle Of The Seasons
Date: 7 April '15
Place: VEGA, Copenhagen

Photos: Julie Rønberg
Written by: Tasja Nielsen

Oh. My. Fuck. I went to my first ever Drag Queen show yesterday.

The idea was to gather the winners of the reality show ”RuPaul’s Drag Race” and make a drag show with those queens. Michelle Visage was the hostess of the evening and she opened the show by saying ”Hello everybody. I’m Michelle Visage and these are my tits!” while grabbing her extraordinarily large bosom.  ”Okay” I thought, ”here we go”. And that we surely did.

For 2.5 hours I was treated to a show I’ll hardly ever forget.

The whole Drag Queen thing has always fascinated me. Not only are the makeup skills of these guys, beyond anything I’ve ever managed to learn, the wardrobe they possess is enough to make the most shiny gypsie-girl green with envy.

One of the queens was singing a lovely song, with a very high pitched female voice, and then suddenly changed over to his deep and coarse man-voice. The extravaganza of the performers was undeniably present, and they had a very high sense of self-irony. I really liked that. 

The shoes. My lord the shoes! I’m a girl. Yes I love shoes.

Even in this next level, aware form of Tasja, I still cherish putting my feet in a brand new pair of sneakers, heels, flip-flops or whatever. If you have ever worn stilettoes, you know how your mobility and balance is a bit challenged when ascending into the 10 centimetres higher air layer, well mine definitely is.

On the RuPaul’s show I was amazed how these guys could prance around in sky high heels. Not just prancing, but also dancing, performing, coming out of caskets, waltzing around on half a metre stilts while basking his butterfly-costume, and crazy shit like that. No one fell, not even once, much impressed.

In the abundance of glitter, wigs, high heels, feathers, freaks and queens, I could not help but to feel relaxed. The clientele clearly had no problem with who they were and what they stood for. The audience seemed like they were all hijacked from a Pride parade and their attitude rubbed of on me.

I’m no queen, nor am I gay, lesbian, transsexual or anything in that ballgame. Usually I see the  “pride” thing as an inhibiting factor and a way of raising yourself above others. But when your lifestyle choice has the opportunity to piss of so many people, as the situation is with Drag queens, I can understand how you need to build a wall of pride to handle the assholes along the way.

So will I go to a drag show again? The answers is no, but not because I wasn’t sufficiently entertained.

Since I’ve never attended a show like this before, I have nothing to compare it to. But I know for a fact, that drag shows rarely takes place at a venue with a 1500 people capacity. So the atmosphere will not be the same as it was yesterday. As fun as the queens were, there was still some boring performers in the mix, and if I had spent the 305 DKK on the tickets, I would honestly have felt like I’ve wasted my money.

But then again, I haven’t watched the TV reality show, so I have no relation to the characters whatsoever. If I did, the show might have made more sense for me.

I got to experience a lovely night of intense passion, provocative behaviour and grand gowns.
When I left VEGA that night, I felt very fabulous and fantastically fierce. I got a little attitude-upgrade, and I thank the Queens for that!

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